what spells can you use?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> what spells can you use?

what spells can you use?
Post # 1
I've seen that alot of ppl on here asks about spells, but almost everytime they ask ..they get the answer like: no u can't use's not good to use spells and stuff.

so my question is, what spells can you use? for what situations?

i'm just curious because it feels like everything has changed since I first started of using spells....and it wasn't so long was like: 5 soon 6 years ago...and back then it wasn't wrong to use spells on long as you did'nt hurt someone.

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Re: what spells can you use?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I think spells are ok to use as long as they harm none, just like u say. However, what people might be getting at, is its better to do things the mundane way instead of the magickal, since doing things the magickal can upset balance and what not.

Personaly, I have found that most people have been asking for love spells, hurt spells, and other spells that would ultimately impose on peoples will. In which case using a spell would not be wise.

As for my own practice, I don't like to use spells. For the most part, a lot of what I do is read up on things and find things I can use towards self improvement. Of course, lately I have also discovered I have a few more talents then I once thought, so its leaving me a bit confused what to do and where to start lol.

All in all, if you have a good, decent reason to use magick, that doesn't harm anyone. I say go for it, especially if you completely understand what your getting yourself into(the whole rule of three and such). And as for what others say, take it with a grain of salt(as the saying goes). They may know more about it then you do, or they may not. All you can do is decide yourself and do what feels right.

Hope that helps,
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Re: what spells can you use?
Post # 3
I'd say "use your own judgement". I don't think that anyone can fully understand the situation unless they're in it, and even then, it's squiffy.
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Re: what spells can you u
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Basically I would agree with everything allready said except to add that magic should not be used to attempt to escape from a physically dangerous situation so long as there is a mundanerojte ro take as they are more reliable and ultimately a better route, such as in the case of an abusive other it's better to contact the police than attempt a spell to help the sotuation.

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Re: what spells can you use?
Post # 5
who have you been talking to really i dont know where you can find spells but i dont think it would be a good idea to look at spells here not all of them are real hafe of them even dont work which is sad that people have to waste there time on it i use magic too i just dont know where you can find any
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Re: what spells can you use?
Post # 6
ninja, Theoreticly all spells will work provided the caster has the ability, but I do agree with you alot of the spells on this site are rather bogus, but you have to look past that and seek the real people on this site.
as for the original post,
Anytime you have a need that cant be accomplished by normal means, its time to use magick.
and unless your religion is against it, dark magick is always a valid form of the craft so all i can tell you is hurt who you want when you want but know that unless carefully controlled the dark arts will consume you. that is not just a simple blanket statement, it is the truth and shuold be noted. =)
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Re: what spells can you use?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
not sure why you would revive this long dead thread ninja, but all in all, the org question was long answered and you stated nothing new(other then the obvioius that the spells here shouldn't all be used).

As far as what spells do actually work, it is as said in the above post. A spell could be as short as two words, like hocus pocus(i know corny but affective) and yet have the power of a ritual. The power comes not in the words, nor in the items used in the spell.

The true power comes from the caster, from thier intent and will power. In short, if you are weak in skill, your magick will be weak too and vise versa.

Think that about says it all.

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Re: what spells can you use?
Post # 8
As much as I agree with some of the post in this thread, to the original poster's post..

The spells I use in situations are almost without me knowing what exactly I'am doing in some cases. Experimentation? Possibly.

There have been a few rare cases, where the things that seem impossible have been possible with just the willpower and the desire for said action. A easy example would be telekinesis, with a more advanced example being something like electricity-(Ball of Lightning) spawning its way into being real.

So to sum it up, believe when you don't even believe, and then strong desire and willpower looks like some key ingredients for business.
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