Telekinesis/Other Psionic

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Telekinesis/Other Psionic
Post # 1
I am a semi-beginner Wiccan, kay?
And I've really been trying to enhance my psionic capabilities (I just learned the word 'psionic' so im not sure if im using it right)
I've tried all kinds of excercises and things, but I am looking for some insight from others who have passed through this stage.
Does anyone have any suggestions for moi? Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks in advance. :)
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Re: Telekinesis/Other Psionic
Post # 2
People of old smoked Marijuana to increase their 'Psionic' abilities. Try meditating, you may find amazing results.
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Re: Telekinesis/Other Psionic
Post # 3
Psi is a form of energy. There are many types of energy, core, soul, and chi, to name a few. Core is similar to psi but is more affective but harder to use, soul is powerful but not recommended for to use because it can cause problems when messed with and chi is life energy witch which is also important to your functioning. There is a theory that all energies are the same one, but for the sake of sanity this article will assume there are different types. Different types of energy have different attributes. Some types explode on contact, and others suck other energies in. The energies that are used for general manipulation have two main attributes, effectiveness (how well it works) and workability (how easy it is to use). Psi is very easy to work with and fairly effective.

Psi will feel different to different people some feel it as warmth; while to others it feels cold. Some feel a magnetic repulsion, while others feel an attraction. All in all only you can really know what it feels like. The best way to feel psi is to get someone to send you a chunk to feel.

There are many ideas and theories on why humans can manipulate psi, but there is no fixed theory. The best thing to do is come up with you own.
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Re: Telekinesis/Other Psionic
Post # 4
Clearing your mind and focusing your energy will all your psychic
abilities to grow. There is no magic bullet but commitment, time,
and practice when done correctly will yield the results you seek.
Meditation is the key to proper mind power development!!!
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Re: Telekinesis/Other Psionic
Post # 5
I agree meditate.
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