The Calyx ritual

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The Calyx ritual
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The Calyx

to kalux

The Calyx is for the Aurum Solis what the Kabbalistic Cross is for the Golden Dawn.

a. Face East. Assume the Wand Posture.
The Wand Posture is a normal, well-balanced standing position. The feet
are together, the shoulders are comfortably dropped back such that they
are neither rigid or slouching, and the head is held erect and facing forward.
The arms hang loosely at the sides with a slight curve at the elbow.

b. Develop the Rhythmic Breath.
i. a.
Visualize the Tongue of Flame: the Divine Spark at the Corona Flammae,
above the head.

& vibrate EI.

ii.. a.
Inhale & raise arms in Tau, palms up, and know you are a balanced
being ready to recieve the divine light.

Exhale, strengthening the visualization of the Flame.

iii. a. Inhale & Visualize a shaft of
Light from the Corona Flammae descending to the sphere of the Instita Splendens.

b. Exhale & vibrate

iv. a. Inhale & bring left hand to right
shoulder, recognizing the Martial forces of your being.

b. Exhale & vibrate

v. a. Inhale & bring right hand to left
shoulder, recognizing the Jovial forces of your being.

b. Exhale & vibrate

vi. a. Incline head at bottom of breath.
Inhale & feel the solar center radiate with Lifegiving Light and Love.

b. Exhale & vibrate

"The Calyx is a fundamental technique of Art Magick, which both aligns
the practitioner with the forces of the cosmos, and awakens awareness of
the counterparts of those forces with [in] the psyche. It can thus be said
to encapsule in brief compass the chief method and purpose of all workings
of High Magick." p. 8, Paper II, vol. 3: Mysteria Magica, The
Magical Philosophy.
"All the rites of Art Magick may be visualized as a pyramid, upside
down. The point of the pyramid is this rite, the Calyx." p. 100, Ogdoadic
Magick by Norman Kraft
". . . The predominant tone of magical work is one of courage, generosity,
and resolution, whether active or passive, and the major forces which the
magician has to interpret are those of divine expansiveness and abundance.
These are reflected in rite and gesture.

[. . .]

Our gesture when as the preliminary to a ritual
it is necessary to bring down the Sacred Flame to sweep through the conscious
personality, is the Calyx. In some measure, it may be said that the Calyx
foreshadows the Formula of the Grail."
p. 113, Paper XVII, vol. 3:
Magica, The Magical Philosophy.

The Calyx mirrors the Kabbalistic Cross of the Golden Dawn. The meanings
are the same: "Thou art / the Kingdom / and the Power / and the Glory /
Forever unto the Ages."
Calyx is a Greek word meaning "cup" or "shell," both of which emphasize
the receptive nature of the body in this rite. The Divine Flame is drawn
down from above into the magician's being. This infusion of Light imbues
the magician with the necessary power to set the Wards. The Calyx is also
a simple but potent method to balance the forces in the psyche, making
it a useful "toner" of sorts. Lastly, the Calyx serves as an effective
thanksgiving (gratulatio) at the end of most House of Sacrifice-based workings,
or a general adoration of the universal forces which have caused our manifestation
and have given us the hope of Return.
The following pronunciations are standard in Attic Greek.
ei - Like the "ay" in "hay."

'h basileia - "Hay bah-see-lay-ah", ah as
in father

kai 'h dunamiV
- Kai like "eye", "hay doo-nah-mees"

kai 'h doxa -
"kai hay dock-sah"

eiV touV aiwnaV - "ace toos eye-oh-nas"

EI = 15 = 6

KAI 'H DUNAMIS = 744 = 15 = 6

KAI 'H DOXA = 174 = 12 = 3

'H BASILEIA = 267 = 15 = 6

EIS TOUS AIONAS = 2247 = 15 = 6
The recurrence of 15 (6) is highly interesting. It suggests the predominately
Solar nature of this rite: we recieve the infusion of Divine Light and
equilibrate it within our beings so that we may send it forth, even as
our Star sustains all terrestrial life.
There are three more sets of 15 in the words of power, all formed by
the diphthong "EI" which occurs in the central column. Epsilon and Iota
are the Greek vowels associated with Mercury and Sol, respectively.
Note that all are divisible by 3 = Sophia/Binah = Grail = kalux.
Also note that the magical sums divided by three are equal to the syllables
in the words (not counting EI).

This is a Greek version of the Hebrew Qabbalistic cross, as the names are a direct translation, except for the the first one (EL), which would normally be OTI SOU ESTI (Thine Is). The last phrase is also properly NUN KAI AEIN, EIS TOUS AIONAS TON AIONON AMIN. This is the way Greek Orthodox Christians cross themselves, by placing the thumb, forefinger and middle fingers together and touching the forehead, right and left shoulder and the navel with the sequence of words corresponding to: Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, Now and Forever in the Centuries of the Aeons amen.

I believe this was an ancient mystery school ritual long before it became a Christian or Neo-hermetic one, probably Egyptian in origins.
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