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Grounding & Centering
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I'd like to take the time to consider two fundamental themes: grounding and centering. These are of utmost importance in our striving to maintain a balanced state of esoteric cultivation and all around health. Emphasis, therefore, cannot be exaggerated as to how important a place they hold in our ongoing progress. Grounding and centering represent the manifest experience of affirming our place in existence. The definition of our place in existence is a simple phrase: we are here, now. Gravity sustains our position here and our centered perception sustains our position now. Grounding refers to the conscious structuring of our relationship with gravity in terms of wave-guide active energy awareness, and centering refers to the conscious structuring of our relationship with temporal presence in terms of the same dynamic.

Once we understand the fundamental meanings of these terms, we can get a better sense of all the variations on their themes elaborated as exercises toward their ends. If we were in a weightless environment, grounding would be moot, but we would still require some way to relate our presence in space. Then centering would include affirming our presence in contexts of both here and now, and indeed it does this even within a gravity rich environment. I made the distinction for grounding to represent our presence in space, and centering our presence in time because the former tends to dominate spatial awareness and the latter includes it automatically when we refer to it in terms of temporal presence. My distinction is, therefore, practical and not so much based on philosophical considerations that can obviously be argued to high heaven.

Once the basic meanings are comprehended, and a few examples provide some applied context to those meanings, the aspirant can adopt or design specific exercises involving the cultivation of grounding and centering. There are, however, options of cultivation where grounding and centering is either embedded in more elaborate approaches or where one can elaborate on extended themes in such a way so that they revolve around these two fundamentals of presence. My recommendation is to move from the general to the more specifically applied. That is to say, it is important to first understand the fundamentals of presence, that is the experience of here and now as an object of meditation and sensate realization. If and when you do, your consciousness and the sensing capacities of your body/mind will stand upon a foundation that will allow you to easily read between the lines of specific practices. This amounts to gaining instinctive insight to cover the gaps and nuances that any verbal description will probably neglect, regardless of the intentions of the author.

Developing this instinct for nuance comprehension is a sorely glossed issue in psionic development in this author?s opinion. It is something I found that has evolved gradually over time in my own progression, to the point that it is very clear to me just how disadvantaged I was before its manifestation, and how much faster, how much more balanced and how much more spontaneously my cultivation blossomed as this instinct came into its own. Manifesting strong grounding and centering, therefore, does not only guarantee a foundation of balanced and healthy psionic cultivation. This development is not simply a necessary basis for meditation, energy work and applications such as defense. It is also an excellent opportunity to awaken the natural and most likely latent potentials of non-verbal body/mind intelligence so that what we read, hear and see does indeed compute at a level that transcends conscious cognition and our five senses.

To establish that baseline sense of grounding and centering, even prior to energy work, calls for meditation. Meditation is simply sitting with the sense of gravity and solid presence in space, and the sense of presence in time, without thinking about it or anything else, but being completely receptive to experiencing that sense. Meditating like this will activate a natural relationship with these fundamentals that is probably so far atrophied. With this natural relationship awakened, energy related activations are much more effective and rewarding. The aspirant will find that he or she gains a lot more with a lot less effort this way, and will understand what I mean when I say that we are designed to function with these fundamental senses awakened.
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