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By: / Novice
Post # 1
i have a spirit that has followed me for many years, but recently he's been acting strange. he doesn't want to talk because he says there's nothing really to say, he's not a fan on ouija boards, well, anything used to communicate really, but he's used a pendulum.

anyway, i found out the last time i talk to him [along with many other things] he hates a friend of mine, and after i've found that out, things have been different with him, when i'm out with my friend, he'll be at home scarring my sister, and last night, my friends name was mentioned and i went into a fit of rage, for no reason. when my sister said it might be Rori [spirit] the feeling disappeared suddenly.

i'm just wondering if anyone knows of any way to see how powerful he is. Rori has moved things in the past, and last week, i was talking with my friend, and a mug was thrown at my head. Rori's only acts like this with my friend, but i'm still concerned
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Re: spirit
Post # 2
Maybe your friend did something to hurt Rori's feelings so he acts this way. Maybe he's jealous. Or maybe Rori has known your friend in a past life and is angry at her for something she probably done. If it's the past life theory, Rori, if your reading this I'm sorry but if its about a past life then don't you think that's immature? Surely Neko's friend doesn't remember it so you can't just do that!
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Re: spirit
By: / Novice
Post # 3
actually, talking to Rori, he was a female friend of mine in his past life, why he hates my guy friend, i'm not too sure, but i'm like his only friend, most people hate him because my friend can be really egotistical, and insulting. Rori's been really different ever since we found out he doesn't like my friend, but he won't say why, Rori say's there's nothing to discuss so why bother contacting him. i think he might be jealous, because i've been spending a lot of time with my friend, and normally i'm with Rori.
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