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Past Lifes
Post # 1
I was wondering how one must find his past life? I am wondering how everyone knows what their past life is. Is there a way to find it? A way beside Time Traveling.
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Re: Past Lifes
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
First you have more then 1 past life. Try meditating or scrying. There are other ways also but those are the 2 that popped in my head.
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Re: Past Lifes
Post # 3
Sometimes it is never meant for us to dwell or remember the past...
If you have done mistakes during your past, correct them as you move on with your life, If people did something to you in your past, dont punish them, or hate them. The more you would get confused and the more you'll regret it....
Stick with the life you have now, i dont believe you need meditation just for this simple stuff...

Remember, You can do great things without magic, and if you dont remember your past life, stop thinking of how you were before... The more you look into it, the more you go deeper in the ocean, and when you are lost, it will be another adventure for you...
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Re: Past Lifes
Post # 4
You can try and remember them through meditation and even your dreams. You can also look to this life to try and find out about your past one. I think how you know that your not dreaming it up is if it feels very real and sometimes they're vivid and you can be either witnessing your past life from the sidelines or actually be in it.

Sometimes people who meditate regularly (and meditating induces the alpha-state) do no see anything while others who do not practice any exercises and are not spiritually oriented see a whole past life unfolding in their first session. It may, however, take up to three sessions before you see any clear picture. If you don't see or feel anything after three sessions, you are doing yourself a favor by leaving it alone. There are many other ways to take on your spiritual path - regression into past lives is only one of them. And again - you should try this method only with an experienced past life therapist, who will also help you to keep your focus during the session. As this method is not using hypnosis and you are totally conscious, nothing that you cannot handle at this point in your life will come to the surface.
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Re: Past Lifes
Post # 5
Some people look into their past lives to find out why are they afraid to things in their current life. Like how I used to be afraid of fire, maybe in my past life I was burned to death. And my granny helped me get over my fear of fire.
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