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Post # 1
There are many different versions of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

There are Three reasons to do the LBRP
1# To know yourself

2# Expand your aura

3# Remove unwanted influences from your immediate area. The Lesser

Banishing Ritual of the Penagram is made up of four parts.

They are

1#The Kabbalistic Cross

2#The Formulation of the Pentagrams

3# The Evocation of the Archangels

4# The Kabbalistic Cross.

Now there are differences in performance, but they all amount to the same basic idea.

#1) The Kabbalistic Cross
yourself getting larger and larger, taller and taller, until you tower
above the room you are in. Continue this growing visualization until
the city you live in is small beneath your feet. See the continent as
tiny compare to your majestic body. Now even the Earth is small beneath
your feet. However, no matter how small the Earth is, it is still firm
and solid beneath your feet, anchoring you to the ground. You will not
float away.

Next visualize yourself growing to large that the
planets of our solar system are like tiny toy rubber balls spinning
near your feet. Soon they are too small to see as even the Milky Way
galaxy becomes a small dot of light at your feet. Now visualize a dot
of light coming from somewhere far above your head. Know that this is
only a tiny bit of the light from this source, and if you saw the full
brightness of this light you would immediately be blinded. This tiny
bit of the endless, limitless light forms a brilliant white sphere of
pulsating light just above your head. It is nine inches in diameter,
about the size of a dinner plate. It is brighter than 10,000 suns but
still only a tiny portion of the source of this divine, spiritual white
light. Point to that sphere above your head with your dagger or finger
and "bring it down" (by pointing) to your forehead, just above and
between the eyes (at the third eye). Next, visualize this brilliance
filling your head with divine light. While pointing to your forehead
vibrate: Ah-TAH (capitalized syllable denotes emphasis).

the pointer of the dagger or your finger firmly down your body until
you are pointing toward the ground. Your hand with the blade is
covering your groin. (or as in some versions to the tip of your breast
bone) As you do this visualize the light in your head coming down along
with the blade or your finger, down through your body and beyond your
feet down to eternity. Vibrate: Mahl-KOOT.

Now bring the blade
up to your right shoulder. As you do this, visualize the beam of white
light running down the center of your body forming a beam from the
heart area out to your right, past the blade at your right shoulder.
See this beam of light extend to the end of the universe, and beyond.
Focus on this beam and vibrate: Vih-G'Boo-RAH.

Move the point of
the blade horizontally to your left shoulder. As you do, visualize the
beam of white light now extending through infinite space to your left.
As you focus on this beam of light vibrate: Vih-G'Doo-LAH.

your hands at your chest as if praying. If you are using a dagger, the
point should be up, not pointing away from you, nor to the sides or
down. Visualize within your chest, at the point covered by your folded
hands, a brilliant golden glow. Vibrate: Lih-oh-LAHM, Auh-MEN.

have visualized yourself as the center of the universe with only the
divine light coming through you. You may wish to remain in this
position for a few moments to feel its power.

#2) The Formulation of the Pentagrams
to your left, move around to the front of your altar, so that you are
at the east, facing east. Here, draw a banishing earth pentagram,
visualize the pentagram as flaming gas-jet blue as you draw.
through the nose. As you do, feel energy flow from the ends of the
universe through your nose and body, and down and out of the bottoms of
your feet to the center of the Earth. (You are no longer at the center
of your magickal circle and thus at the center of the universe as in
the first part of this ritual.) As you inhale, raise both hands to the
sides of your head by your ears. The dagger or right-hand index finger
should be pointing forward. Your left hand (which should have remained
at your side until now) is drawn into a similar position by your left
ear, the index finger pointing forward, the rest of the fingers closed
into a fist.

Step forward with the left foot. At the same time
thrust your hands forward so that they point at the exact middle of the
glowing blue pentagram in front of you (this position is called "the
sign of the Enterer"). As you do this, exhale and feel the energy come
back up your body, out your arms and hands, through the pentagram and
to the ends of the universe. Use the entire exhalation to vibrate the
God Name: Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh. Then perform the Sign of Silence.

your hands back to your ears while bringing your left foot back to its
original position. Put your left hand down by your side and point to
the center of the pentagram with your right forefinger or dagger. Now
trace a line in the air at the height of the center of the pentagram as
you move in a clockwise direction around the edge of your circle's
space. Go 90 degrees so that you end up in the south, facing south. As
you trace the line in the air, visualize a brilliant white light
emanating from the tip of your finger or blade. At the south, repeat
what you did at the east: draw a banishing earth pentagram, inhale,
make the Sign of the Enterer, but instead vibrate the God Name:
Ah-Doh-NYE. Again perform the Sign of Silence which is done after
vibrating each God Name.

Repeat as above, but move to the west and vibrate: Eh-Heh-YEH.

Repeat as above, but move to the north and vibrate: AH-Glah.

the circle by connecting a white line from the north to the east where
you began. Then moving in the same clockwise direction, come back
behind the altar. You should once again be facing to the East.

visualize the brilliant white circle expanding up and down to form a
sphere above, below and all around you. What you have done is created a
sphere in brilliant white all around you with electric blue pentagrams
at the quarters which have been charged and sealed with names of God.

#3) The Evocation of the Archangels
your arms straight out to the sides, so that your body forms a cross.
If you have a dagger, the point should be up. Take a second or two to
once again feel the energies flowing through you and making you a
brilliant cross of light at the center of the universe. The cross also
represents the four archetypal elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

a figure on a hill in front of you. The figure is dressed in yellow
robes which have some purplish highlights. The figure carries a
caduceus wand (the symbol used by doctors, a wand entwined by serpents,
which represents the life force) and the figure's robes wave in the
wind. "Feel" a breeze coming from behind the figure. Say, "Before me,
Rah-fay-EL." (Vibrate the name of the Archangel.)

Visualize a
figure behind you, dressed in blue with some orange highlights. The
figure holds a cup and is surrounded by waterfalls. Try to feel the
moisture in the air. Say, "Behind me, Gahb-Ray-El." (Vibrate the name.)

your right visualize a figure dressed in scarlet with green highlights.
The figure holds a flaming sword and you should feel heat coming from
this direction. Say, "On my right hand, Mee-chai-EL." (Vibrate the
name. The "ch" is a guttural sound as in the German "ach" or the
Scottish "loch.")

To your left visualize a figure dressed in
greens and brown on a fertile landscape. The figure holds some sheaves
of wheat. Say, "And on my left hand Ohr-ree-EL." (Vibrate the name.)

your left foot out to your left and visualize another blue pentagram
all around you, outlining your body. Say, "For about me flames the

Visualize a golden hexagram, a six-pointed star,
sometimes called a Jewish star, or Star of David, within you, right
where your heart is. Say, "...And within me shines the six-rayed star."
(in some versions visualise it above you, try both and see which works
best for you)

#4) Now repeat the Kabbalistic Cross

Here is a summary.
Touch your forehead, vibrate Ah-Tah.
Point down, covering the groin, vibrate Mahl-Koot.
Touch right shoulder, vibrate Vih-G'boo-Rah.
Touch left shoulder, vibrate Vih-G'do'Lah.
Fold hands at chest, vibrate Lih-Oh-Lahm, Ah-Men.
Go to east, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh.
Carry line to south, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate Ah-Doh-Nye.
Carry line to west, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate Eh-Heh-Yeh.
Carry line to north, draw pentagram, point to center, vibrate Ah-Glah.
Carry line to east, completing circle, return to center.
Hands out, say, "Before me, Rah-Fay-El,
Behind me, Gahb-Ray-El,
On my right hand Mih-Chai-El,
And on my left hand Ohr-Ree-El.
For about me flames the pentagram,
And within me shines the six-rayed star."
Repeat steps 1-5.
instructions for the LBRP may look complicated, but once the ritual's
been practiced a few times and memorized, it usually just takes about
fifteen minutes.
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Post # 2
This is excellent info, but could the OP cite their source?
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