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Codex Alimentarius
Post # 1
Codex Alimentarius or 'Food Code' is a proposal that will seriously affect all our health.

It is a scheme developed by pharmaceutical companies which aims to 'harmonise' the food regulations of the entire world. The scheme is supported by the WHO (World Health Organisation) and is due to become implemented globally from 2012, unless we stop it. They claim that it is to facillitate trade. The sceme is technically voluntary but those countries who do not adopt it may not be able to trade freely with other countries and will face heavy fines, so all the 170 countries in the WHO will adopt it. This includes U.K., Canada and America, although America is currently paying these fines.

There are 3 main aims of the codex which will seriously affect our health.

1) Unsafe GM foods and hormone enhanced meat will be sold to us without stating this on the label.

2) Many fruit and vegetables will be irradiated before sale and harmful pesticides and chemicals will be allowed in our food and not be put on the label. They say that this will improve trade because the food would last longer and travel further distances without going off, but this will strip it of most of its nutrients and will effectively ban truly organic food unless we grow it ourselves. We need the nutrients from food to support our immune system. If we do not have them we will become ill more easily and again be reliant on the drug companies.

3) All high dose vitamins and all herbal products will be made illegal unless pharmacuitical companies deam it 'safe'. This includes things like Echinacia and Green Tea which will be reclassified as drugs. The doses of the vitamins that will be available will not be enough to help support our bodies.
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Re: Codex Alimentarius
Post # 2
okay first off this is not a bad thing. u r aware that most of the things u just mentioned r not infact harmful because they r trace elements. irradiated food isn't designed to give u rad poisoning it's designed to make food so it will keep for long periods of time. further more any of the the stuff that is harmful leads to the belief of darwinism. the strong survive and the weak die off. when the end of the world comes do you really want a gethro?i didnt think so. also if u actually worked at places like macdonalds,kfc,or any foreign food places i can tell u that if u knew what was in ur food already i gaurentee u wouldnt eat it!
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Re: Codex Alimentarius
Post # 3
not to mention those of us who know how to grow our own food,butcher animals for meat and nutrients,and forage will undoubtly b uneffected by this because of the fact that we survive. then there's the people like me who will just say screw it all together and become cannibals. :) best part about cannibalism? no artificial color or preservatives...less ur corpse robbing michael jackson Bu-zing!
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