Urgent help needed plz

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Urgent help needed plz
Post # 1
Hi I am new in the spells of magic and I want to learn but at the moment I need someone to help heal my girlfriend,who is also a friend, she has been suffering from headaches and now it she is worse,please help her name is Lydia Mashate, please help
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Re: Urgent help needed plz
Post # 2
You might want to consider taking her to see your doctor.
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Re: Urgent help needed plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
try useing a few drops of lavender oil on each temple and at the back of the neck it will help ease tention plus it smells nice
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Re: Urgent help needed plz
Post # 4
Artemisia of The Path of the Shaman coven has given some useful information regarding this problem in a previous post. I have copied and pasted it as follows:

Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium ) ,modern herbalist use that
plant to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.Taken cumulatively ,the herb relaxes the smooth muscles of the neck and spine to reduce spasm,and inhibits the section of serotonin .a compound implicated in migraines and rheumatoid arthritis .Avoid to take it if you are pregnant or on blood-thinning drugs .
To prevent migraines eat 2-4 small feverfew leaves daily
(on bread if ,eaten on their own ,the leaves irritate
your mouth lining )
To ease dragging period pain take one cup weak feverfew infusion up to three times daily ,as needed

Preparation 1 tsp dried or two tsp fresh leaves in one cup
just boiled water.
For weak infusion use half tsp dried leaves and 1tsp
fresh leaves in one cup water.

Bay (laurus nobilis )In ancient Greece ,The Delphi priestess inhaled the mildly narcotic aroma of bye when she received the prophesies of god Apollo-establishing bay as
an important herb for all matters relating to the mind
and higher learning .In modern times we know that bay contains compounds called parthenolides ,which help relieve
migraines .The leaves contain also antispasmodic properties
that can ease stomach pain and aid digestion ,as well
as relieve muscular pain.
To halt a migraines ,steam-iron several bye leaves and rest
with the warmed leaves on your forehead for around 45 minutes .

Thank you for this information, Artemisia!
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