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Forums -> General Info -> Banishings/Protection

Post # 1
I had been browsing around the internet and it seems that a lot of people are having negative experiances with spirits. Not necessarily people Here, but the sort of everyday person that doesnt even meditate. The type that wouldnt know how to do anything but be afraid, even of the weakest spirits and entities.

What I am interested in doing is having people post a variety of banishings/protections/ect that a Generic off the street person could do to resolve such a situation.

(more advanced comments are welcome too).

This way anyone who needs something like this can find it easily, and can pick and choose according to their capability.
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Re: Banishings/Protection
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
hi flagg, the simplest one that comes to mind is burning insense sticks frankinsense, and mryth would be a good choice
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Re: Banishings/Protection
Post # 3
mmhm. I was also thinking sweetgrass or sage.

its all good ^^
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Re: Banishings/Protection
Post # 4
4 Thieves Vinegar....about 1/2 and 1/2 in a spray bottle. Wash windows, mirrors, etc. in the house. Wash your floor with it. Spritz around the house.

Also burning 3 Kings Incense is great.

Don't forget to protect your house by putting lines of red brick dust at all entrances (doors, windows, fireplaces, etc).
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Re: Banishings/Protection
Post # 5
One i learned is my own take on a banishing written by konstantinos.

Stand in the middle of wherever you want to banish. Visualize a glowing purple ball of energy right below your heart. Make sure you visualize it almost like plasma. Keep it in your mind that you want to banish all negativity weather emotional or physical away. Now simply breath. With each inhale all you need to do is imagine and almost feel like plasma ball getting bigger. Within a few short breaths it should surround you and you should feel at peace. (there have been some cases where you can feel the negitive forces trying to break into the ball. Dont worry...its not possible as long as you say its not possible.) Keep doing this until the area you are doing the banishing for is surrounded. Now...sit down and pull just a little bit of plasma to recreate the ball inside yourself. This banishing usually works for a week or so before you have to do it agian. However...if people in your house are negative it will be trapped inside. Most of the time no-one notices however because there is always negativity around us. I hope this helps in some way.
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Re: Banishings/Protection
Post # 6
A simple method I use is salt. You can place a small bowl of it by your door, or sprinkle some along windows and doorways. Forcefully will the negativity away, via visualization or just saying what is on your mind. It has helped me keep physical beings away from my space as well.

Dream catchers are nice too. Hang them in doorways or windows. Some places sell these things called "witch balls" which are pretty much just blown glass balls. You hang them in your window and they help absorb any negativity seeping in. Supposedly the spirits like the pretty colors of the glass and get stuck inside, I dunno (it's what the tag on one of them said).

Windchimes work well too. You can get the big ones if you are a fan of the noise, but smaller ones are nice too. Bells in general are good for calling/getting the attention of spirits and driving the nastier ones away.

If you're religious you can hang/draw symbols like the pentagram, a cross, or even a simple sigil on doors and windows and mirrors.
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