Casting a Circle???

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Forums -> General Info -> Casting a Circle???

Casting a Circle???
Post # 1
What are the reasons for doing this, and should you do this for every spell you cast? And If you don't cast one for every spell, then what kinds of spells should you cast one for? Also what are some easy ways a beginner can do this? I've been trying to find answers on this, haven't had any luck. So please add has much info as you can. Thanks guys!!!
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Re: Casting a Circle???
Post # 2
Circle casting... It is mainly used in Rites or powerful spells. The reason is to seal off the energy from the outside of the circle and from the inside of the circle. Like if your doing a spell to talk to the gods or goddesses, you don't want bad energy or - energy to entry into the spell. You also don't want if your doing some Black Arts spell you don't want that bad energy getting all over your stuff that is not part of the spell.

The point it, it is used to protect you and other things from energy. It is best used when doing Rites, Black Arts (Have to do it if the spell is a Black Art spell), Summoning (Again have to do it), or any spell you think that needs to be sealed until finished with.

Hopefully this helps.
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Re: Casting a Circle???
Post # 3
seeing that this post is on the second page i dont expect people to read this but sometimes you get lucky...

anyway casting circles can have many many purposes. some of which being summoning, defense, meditation, training, raising energy.

basically here is a basic outline from my own knowledge.

summoning: summoning different spirits acll for different things. for example if you wanted to summon on of the princes of hell or a simmilar spirit you have to summon each one in a cirtain thing. most of which being you must summon Murmur (for example) in a circle for him to tell you the truth or else he shall tell only lies.

defense: the circle depending on the atacker may stop your opponent in their tracks while you are safe inside. with the proper ritual of course.

meditation/training/raising energy: when you cast the right circle for this you can block out all other energy. keep yours locked inside. free from any outside force unless you let it in. its like a playground for your energy. you can let it all out of you without any of it escaping and you can exercise your ability to manipulate energy.

also exorcism: this kind of ties in to defense and raising energy. this allows you to expell the "unwanted guest" by laying thdoen the line on the land on which is yours. and raise your energy and force it all at the guest.

long but i hope it helped
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