Mass cleansing

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Mass cleansing
Post # 1
It's amazing, since I finally stopped fighting and gave in to my pagan leanings, I have found dozens of things that I need simply laying around the house. I have quite a collection built up and am ready to start my spellwork in earnest but first I need to cleanse my tools. What would be the best way to do this? Do I need to do a separate ritual for each piece? Is there a way to cleanse everything at once? I especially want to know regarding my stones. I have a ton of them and doing a separate ritual for each would take forever. As for charging I would probably wait until I need to use the tool in a ritual.
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Re: Mass cleansing
Post # 2
For stones, you can generally bury them in salt (sea salt, kosher salt, table salt, whatever you have) for a few days and there ya go.

For a mass tool cleansing (copyright Shauna McShane):

On the full moon, light some incense, light a candle, have a bowl of salt, and a bowl of water. If you wish, have two candles for the God and Goddess (these bowls can be household bowls, if you wish to consecrate bowls that will go on your altar...for the candles, use pillars so you don't require a candle holder).

Put all the tools on the table you are using. Declare your intent to cleanse them by the light of the full moon (if you want to do it outside, that works well, or just do it by a window facing the Moon).

Pick up the first tool you wish to cleanse. Wave it over the Goddess candle three times and say "By the Mother I cleanse this ___tool name___".

Wave it over the God candle three times and say "By the Father I cleanse this ___tool name___".

Pass it through the incense smoke three times and say "By the powers of Air and Wind I cleanse this ___tool name___".

Pass it over the fire candle three times and say "By the powers of Fire and Flame I cleanse this ___tool name__".

Sprinkle it with salt three times (don't worry about covering the whole thing, but usually I sprinkle over one side, then the other, then from the top) and say "By the powers of Earth and Stone I cleanse this ___tool name___".

Sprinkle it with water three times (same as the salt) and say "By the powers of Water and Tides I cleanse this ___tool name___".

Hold the tool up towards the Moon and say "By the power of the Light of the Moon, of the Elements that surround me, of the Goddess and God, I cleanse and consecrate this tool to my Sacred Craft. So Mote It Be."

Then move on to the next tool.

Hope that helps!

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