White, Black, gray magick

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White, Black, gray magick
Post # 1
Ok I know a lot of people say that there is no difference between the three and that magick is magick. But I am still pretty new to all of this and have been studying on all kinds of magick, so I'm still a little confused on this. So if there is a slight difference between the three can anyone clarify for me? Meaning I read how some white magick spells and be harmful and some black magick spells can be good, how is this so? And anybody got any examples? I don't want to harm anybody I'm just learning and want to know as much as possible. Also I read how black magick spells work faster and why is this so? And if wants to say which type of magick they use, you can, I'm just curious to know what others are using. Ok that's all I think...thanks!!
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 2
People color magick based on their opinion and morals, making it 'good or bad' or 'white and black'. Racist!
Magick is simply magick, it has no color, no intent, you give it its color and its intent.
Its not the magick that is colored, its your intent that is colored.
I haven't heard of curses/bindings and such working faster, perhaps because its normally fueled by anger and wishes for vengeance? Afterall, anger can get the better of you 'quickly'
(How many times did I mention color in this post..? :B)
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 3
I am not fond of colors but a lot of people label magick and in some ways it is good for beginners to have a label, and as one progresses then what works will come to pass.

The simplest way to explain grey magick is it falls in the middle. It is not harmful nor beneficial it just is.
Some also call it Lore as the teachings were passed down through stories and verbal . It neither is used to help a person or harm a person, but if a person is harming you or trying to then it is used as a preventive. It is used to help one's self in their personal needs.
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 4
well the reason we dont label spells by color class is because there are no colors classes for spells you can use spells for any reason which can be good or bad. So lets say you cast a death spell on a dictator for he is a mass murderer, well many would classify that as white magick due to their morals. Or a better example would be a sickness spell. Lets say your friend is about to be hurt by a group of bullies (whatever hes being hurt by) and you cast a sickness spell on the attacker. That can be considered ood magick. Same goes for white magick. Say you cast a spell to protect a tree, what could happen is that when someone comes to destroy the tree he gets stabbed. That would now be considered black magick.

So this can go either way. these are just a few (pretty bad) examples of why magick cannot be classified. IF you want to classify anything you can classify the spell based on what outcome you want, but even then classification of spells based on color cannot be done.

A spell is a spell and nothing more :D
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 5
so if anything im with resonance on this :d
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 6
As Resonance said: the color is in your intent. But, the categorizing of the magick as good or bad has more factors to it, like the outcome. Even if your intent is pure and coming from a loving place it will still effect those around you and they'll react accordingly.

Like, say you have your mother, sick and in the hospital and your sibling is just a terrible, mean person waiting for her to die so s/he can get a big inheritance. You do a spell to heal your mother and it works. Good intent, right? But now all the bad sibling does is try and kill your mom, putting her in constant danger of being poisoned, attacked, etc. It's an extreme example I suppose, and more complicated than I meant for it to be, lol, but you can see how the white magick, the 'good' magick, had some bad outcomes.

You just have to be careful and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. Don't focus on the 'color', but on your feelings and reasoning behind the magick you cast. A safe rule I've always followed is, "If you have to think about whether it is right or wrong, it's probably wrong." You are the only one who knows what is right and best for you.
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Re: White, Black, gray magick
Post # 7
Well, I don't believe spells have a true color either...
And as for those bad outcomes, well you could specify in those spells...
for example someone's very sick so you cast a healing spell but the sickness strikes someone else (or yourself), well that isn't really helpfull, so you could specify in the spell that he or she should be cured but without anyone or anything else getting sick...
I don't say it works for every spell but just think about what could go wrong if you cast it and try to prevent it if you can...
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