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New to the world of Magic
Post # 1
Hi my name is Ashley and I just found this site. I'm not completely sure what I hope to accomplish through this online community other than finding some answers.

I have always been fascinated with magic and other "supernatural" things, I guess I get that from my mother's side of the family. My mother is a true believer in magic and practices it regularly with success. My aunt also dabbles in magic, but her main practice is in Psychic abilities.

I have always seen what I suppose are auras though they have no color. I just assumed that everyone could see what I was seeing and didn't realize the difference until recently. Around that time is when I began to see the wind. I'm not sure if that is common or not. I can sense the feelings of those around me without being told anything, and now my son who is 4 years old is doing some pretty interesting things as well.

I would like to talk to anyone with any experience in these things, or any willing to listen. I look forward to talking to you all!

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Re: New to the world of Magic
Post # 2
1st of all your a empath like me
here are a thew tips

spells are words that ryhme with feelings and they need belived in they arent just a bunch of words they come true if you belive in them and have the corect emotion

i dont know much about these because i dont have candles :/

witch mage wut?
Everyone is a witch even if your a boy
you can choose wicca witch pagen all sorts but wizards are
like calling magick magic lol

magic-tricks like the bunny comeing out the hat and stuth
magick-the real craft like talking to spirits psi balls i could be writeing all day

whats a element and what one am i?
a element is like part of what the gods did to earth
like (earth wind fire sea spirit darkness ight)

and what spell you suit best like if i did a wind spell and it worked better then all the other spells then then that would be my element

first step is to learn alot about magick and see what u wanna use it for good? evil? dont know? i use mine for the greater good ill give you a spell to banquish evil

(your name) stay banquish evil from time and space.
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Re: New to the world of Magic
Post # 3
Welcome to the site. I am glad you found your way here. I would give a little warning, there are some fluffs on here. Auras are wonderful to see. I see them in color though. I know you are an empath. Were you looking to focus on a specific area of paganism? Wanting to choose a path? What all do you have questions about? Feel free to email me.
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Re: New to the world of Magic
Post # 4
i would like to email you but i haven't quite figured how everything on the site works so i sent you a request. i really don't know much about paganism. i am wanting to learn though. i would like to learn more about the things i do and how to be better at it. i also would only be interesting in doing what would be white magic? and definitely not pulling the bunny out of the hat sort of thing

and i also wondered how you can tell i'm an empath?
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Re: New to the world of Magic
Post # 5
because u sence emotions quite alot that arent yours
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Re: New to the world of Magic
Post # 6
I have emailed you. when you log onto the site, your mail tab at the top of the page should be red. click on it and you should see my message
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