I'm looking for a love...

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I'm looking for a love...
Post # 1
spell that's NOT manipulative. One that just makes the person come fourth with their feelings they might have. Nothing to make them love you, if they don't WANT to. Does anyone know where I can find one?
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Re: I
Post # 2
This one should work. Not mine.

Spell to attract the right person in your life:
I have used this spell for people who wish to call a current lover who is being over-reticent, but people have told me after I demonstrated it on television that it works just as well for an unknown lover; so I
have modified it.
* Take a map either of your local area or country or a world map if you want a lover from afar.
* Scatter five roses across the map, saying:
Near or far, o'er land and sea, a lover true I call to me.
* Light a pure white candle and taking a sixth rose (six being the number of Venus and love), pluck
from it in turn five petals and burn each in the candle flame, saying:
Burn a pathway to my door, five rose petals now are four, Four to three in candle fire, bringing closer
my desire. From three to two I burn the rose, love no hesitation shows, From two to one till there is
none, the spell is done, come, lover, come.
* Place the map and the roses, the candle and a vase with the rose from which you plucked the petals,
in a safe place near an uncurtained window until the candle has burned down.
* Then put all the roses in the vase in your bedroom and when they die repeat the spell if necessary.
A Knot Ritual For Making A Wish Come True
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Re: spell
Post # 3
Stop feeling guilty about "freewill" and do what you have to do to
get the results you want. All spells are expression of the will of
the one who uses it. That is why I practice grey magic which is both black and white and will continue to do so. I will not limit
my self but use all means available to achieve my objectives. Yes
I do not live by the threefold law.
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