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Post # 1
So i have been feeling strange lately. like out of my norm. I have been craving blood and it scares me. i want to sleep a lot and i stay up at night most of the time. and then i keep having these weird dreams of drinking someones blood. have i just been watching too much tv or is it something else perhaps....help?
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 2
It is most likely too much TV.

There are serious psychoses, like Wendigo Syndrome(which causes the bearer to crave human flesh and such), associated with craving others' body fluids. It is something to have evaluated by a professional. This is nothing to start a half-baked RP about.

Dreams about sucking blood can mean you thirst to live, that you feel you need others to define your life.

I imagine, based on the title and the prevalence of such a topic on this site, that you are looking to be told that you have issues and that you are indeed a vampire? o_O
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 3
There was no need to get snippy. i was simply asking for help. i am not like the little kids who run around and make rps and stuff. I was simply inquiring information.
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 4
I don't believe Kikuyo was snippy in her post.

Anyways, I pretty much agree with what she said. Also, about staying up at night and sleeping more often, that is a common symptom of puberty. It has to do with the chemicals and hormones changing in your brain and body.
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Re: Vampirism?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
In your bio you say you are a vampire, so i would guess you are looking for validation on that here? If you believe you are a vampire I dont understand why your dream confuses you. In my humble opinion yes, too much vampire t.v. , novels, etc.
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 6
I did not mean to be snippy; I was trying to take you seriously.

If you seriously crave blood, then you should evaluate it from all angles to get to the root of the problem. It is something /serious/ and there are way too many kids here claiming they /need/ blood to survive. Either they have issues or like to play around. I by no means like to tell people to 'seek a professional' as I feel they are a waste of money (and I've read too many instances of corruption). I do not like to suggest it but there is a possibility that this may be something serious.

I believe in vampires and I believe in mental illness and I am no dope. If you are new to the site, I apologize, but you'll learn very very quickly that this place is rampant with vampire claims. If you're not new, then you should be aware of the types of reactions these claims get. I'm not picking on you but I find it inappropriate to lie (if that is the case) about something that causes some people a lifetime of torment.

And some people are just more nocturnal than others. It got me into trouble when I was in high school and now in college as I can't physically fall asleep before a certain hour. If it is a problem, you can google 'foods to help you sleep' (cherries are the best... said an MSN article). Try exercising before bed or start winding down earlier than you do normally.

For bad dreams, you can weave a dream catcher or make a worry doll, which I have a recipe for (or they are readily available at most witchy shops). And if you are a fan of vampire shows they /can/ affect your dreams, just like watching too much StarGate or Spongebob or "The Machinist" one too many times ( XD guilty lol ).

Maybe if you give us some more details, like when it started, detailed description of effect on the body and such, we could be of better use.
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 7
Don't be rude. YOU are the one being snippy... Most likely because you didn't get the answer you wanted to hear. Stop watching TV and get out of the house.
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 8
sounds like a bad case of twilightism...well better get the stakes and the torches...
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 9
Sorry if i am the one who appeared snippy and my description was quite vague. I sincerely apologize. I am past my puberty btw. I was done with that when i was about 17. I do watch occasional tv but i am not a tv hog. I work and hang with my friends more than anything. i watch and read maybe and hour or 2 of tv and its mostly to watch family guy =] i am not very new to the site but i know about the fakers and attention seekers. i am however not one of them. i have a therapist and i have went to the doctor. he said my blood was normal. he said it was oddly dark though. this started more so about a month ago and i have been getting easily angry and abrasive with people. like i have a really short temper lately. its hard for me to get sleep at night and i even was prescribed sleeping pills but those don't help. and my energy is low but maybe thats from not sleeping i'm not sure. the doctors cant find anything wrong with me so i was just asking what you guys thought. my best friend says that i am a vampire but i wasn't expecting that answer from you guys but i didnt know so i decided just to ask. Thank you guys for your opinions and help though.
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Re: Vampirism?
Post # 10
Dark blood is not a symptom of vampirism, to my knowledge. Nor is simply not sleeping at night. Grouchiness probably comes from not sleeping as can many of the symptoms that would be similar to vampirism.

There are many vampires who live on a daily routine, they are not nocturnal. Furthermore, most vampires go through their awakening during puberty and late awakenings are rare.
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