Can't get away from it

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Can't get away from it
Post # 1
I'm 19 years old. I have a wife and a stepson. I love my wife and my stepson more than anyone else in the world.

Or so I thought.

5 years ago, I was with a girl. She was my first real girlfriend, and we had a very close relationship for about 8 months. Her parents really hated me for something terrible I had done when I was 13. So, after that 8 months, she was put into a different school, and forbidden to talk to me. They blocked my number on her cellphone, and I had no clue what their new house phone number was. She didn't use the internet much.

I thought I lost her.

These 4 years since she moved I have been searching and searching for her. I don't know why I am so desperate to contact her, to see her again, but I've been searching incessantly, and finally I have found her, on myspace. But she doesn't sign on very often.

Again, I love my wife very much, but something is telling me that I have to see this girl again. I don't know why I am so driven to see her, but I cannot be at ease until I do. There are several problems.

I live in Florida, she lives in Pennsylvania.
I am broke.
I have no means of contacting her, so finding her/talking to her would basically require stalking her. Which I will not do.
My wife will be entirely against me going.

Here's what I know.
She is a practicing Witch.
Her name.
Where she works (it's on her myspace profile).
She has a baby boy.
Years and years ago, she told me this: "You're never alone. Just look at the Moon and we'll be together."

I am looking for a means to contact her. I have been considering Astral Projection, because from the comment she made a long time ago, I believe she knows how to project. The problem is, I don't. I have tried before several times and failed utterly, and I do not think I am capable of focusing on it in my fevered state of mind.

What are some other ways I could contact her? Spells, non-magical solutions, anything? Please help me. I am desperate.
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Re: Can
Post # 2
summoning dude im a master summoner
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Re: Can
Post # 3
As in Goetic Demons, or what? More info plz.
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Re: Can
Post # 4
You could send her a message through dream walking, or maybe have a spell cast to send her a dream.
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Re: Can
Post # 5
I'll try dream walking, if that doesn't work, I'll try a message spell, if that doesn't work I'll try a summon.
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