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Spells, Spells, Spells
Post # 1
I noticed a great number of people looking for spells, which seems fitting for this site, however I am wondering why no one has really offered information for individuals to create there own spells.

Between candle magick, the use of stones, herbs, incense and so forth creating spells are not very difficult and yes anyone can do a spell they find on a site or in a book but the real value of magick user is learning how to write spells, use things such as stones and so forth to add power and so forth.

I am just posting because in my own practice I have noticed a great differance now after lots of study in both Wicca and Dragon Magick when learned who to create spells and things to use to add power then when I just used other peoples spells without understanding all the aspects of doing spell work. I also noticed that my "magick" seems to be much more power now after the studies I have done then when I first started doing "magick" 15 years ago.

Do not get me wrong using other peoples spells while on the fly is fine but when you have the time to go through the process the Dragons/God/Goddess/Universal Life Source or whatever other name you give seem to value your work more.
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Re: Spells, Spells, Spells
Post # 2
I suppose at lot of people just get tired of posting the same tips and advice over and over. I think a lot of these people asking for spells are just lazy. I understand many of us are "in the broom closet", so openly getting resources (like books and tools) can be hard.

(for those who ask for spells/easy explanations) Magick is a commitment. I'm not the magick police, lol, but I feel very strongly about the blatant laziness I've seen. There are other sites than this to look to for reference. So much goes into a spell that can't properly be displayed in secondhand use. Hours of effort and dredging through the brain, books, references, etc, go into calculating the best time, the best tools, herbs, whatever. Many members here are more than happy to help tell you what a boline is, what certain holidays are about, but it takes your own effort too. Instead of asking for a spell ask for advice on how to craft one, as a spell for yourself done by yourself will hold more power than one cast for you or written for you.

I understand being in the broom closet can be a hindrance (I'm there) but the internet is a wealth of knowledge that you can keep private. I would never tell someone not to practice magick, but if you are of an age where your parents still tell you what to do and will freak out or ground you for it, devote more time to research and less to casting.
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Re: Spells, Spells, Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
It is refreshing to see other state what many of us already know and try to spread just as much.

This path is one that others can help you with but they don't walk with you. There are people in front of you and behind you at all times. However walking it alone from guide to guide you learn to help your self and the others around you. Do what you can when you can, learn patience and understanding :)
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Re: Spells, Spells, Spells
Post # 4
Do not get me wrong I understand going to others for assistance, however it does not exactly seem that way.

When I started the practice of Magick I was taught that any witch or magick user with their salt understood that the words were just one part of spell working.
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