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Post # 1
I don't know ANY magic. It doesn't work for me!:(
Where do I go? What is the EASIEST spell? I've already checked general info and tips. PLZ HELP!
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Re: help
Post # 2
study for a year and a day then intiate urself. thats y nothing works. do some reading...and not on here...
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Re: help
Post # 3
...what? Neither me nor many people I know studied for a year and a day before there first spell nor did they go through an initiation, although I would recomend at least some study before your first spell. To know why the spells aren't working requires considerably more information. What have you tried doing? How many times have you tried? What measures have you taken to help aid in the casting? As for the easiest spell, I'm affaid there's no such thing different people find diffent types of magic and spells easier, it's very much a personal thing.
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Re: help
Post # 4
The things you should study are the witches pyramid, magical theory, meditation, visualisation and such. Once you have all those factors down I'd say try a candle spell for strength. What I like to do is carve the corresponding rune into the candle.
If you go to Charmingpixieflora's channel on YouTube, she has a very decent video that helped me a lot with visualisation - I recommend you check it out.
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Re: help
Post # 5
Ok honestly you may want to back up.

How long have you been studying for, and how time have you given to it.

I do not have the time to quote this person or that person but one individual said something about studying for a year and a day then do a self attunement then try spell weaving. In part I understand this but not completely.

I believe in not doing a spell for at least 3 months when you start magick, but doing limited spells/rituals for your first year and a day is certainly a good thing. Waiting for at least a year does sound a bit much but that is always up to the individual.

I do agree that too many people start wicca, witch craft, other magical paths and start doing spells before they understand them which is normally not a good thing. It is indeed better to understand all factors of magick before you attempt spells.
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