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Higher Class...
Post # 1
I am satisfied with my coven, but i would like to know if there is a coven that studies higher class of magic... A coven that does no spells from spellbooks but actual exercises, more on mind?

I am done studying Light and Dark Magic, Chaos, Healing, Prey Spells and many more... I want to study something new and different...
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 2
Shame on you for this post.

First off:
This is highly dsigraceful for your coven. Do you understand how embarassing it is to coven leaders when their own members post things like this in the coven forums for the whole public to see? I coubt you do... you should have spoken to your coven leaders about new topics before pulling this. And if you did and they didn't grant your request, you should have gone through other coven descriptions and found out for yourself in a more descrete fashion.

I highly doubt you are ''done studying Light and Dark Magic, Chaos, Healing, Prey Spells and many more...'', because if you have you'd agree to be quite the experienced caster am I correct? Well any highly experienced caster knows one thing...

Knowledge is of eternity, lessons go on forever, there is no way you know everything or are ''done'' learning something. There is ALWAYS more.

Third issue:
How dare you refer to it as "Higher Class" as if your coven may be lower class. And even if you aren't suggesting something to disrespectful, you need to know that all magick is "Higher Class".
Because that's who we are. We are casters, those who believe in magick, we look at the world in different views and stive to use what we are capable of. We are divining ourselves through our practices, each and every bit of magick is just as important as the next subject. Never ever suggest something as certain types of magick being "Higher Class". It's just rediculous and arrogant.

Last and foremost:
Every coven has spells my dear, every coven has techniques or ''execises'' as your highly experienced fingers type it but the funny thing is, that in order to learn more you need to contribute and help make yourself learn. Have you been doing that as much as you're about to tell me you do?

Really think that over. I won't be reading this anymore, I'll let you have the gall to personally email me your response instead.
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 3
You think this speech shall bring me down to my grave.... 9 years madam, 9 dark years of studying has filled my mind with questions and doubts on every step a spell makes.... You do not know it, but even Aleister Crowely and the wise ones,would post a question like this during their young ages....

Its a fools post for those who thinks they are gifted people... You are successful on one thing but that does not give you the right to say that, cause you misunderstood my post very clearly....

You think i will go ramping the streets saying how poor my coven is and how insignificant the people are... No Madam!! Your the fool....

I have been to 9 covens in this Spellsofmagic... clearly every procedure is the same as the rest... The studies and everything... You think i am kidding with what i said; that i finished both Light and Dark magic, chaos, healing... You have a very poor mind... Magic is not always about casting Spells, its also the knowledge you have for the spell....

I said higher class of magic, cause i was looking for a coven that deals with Restricted Spells... Studies that arent supposed to be taught anywhere...

Your lack of open-minded blinds you for seeing what reality is from magic tricks and real magic... Before you post any other comments like this... Think clearly, not just about your opinion, but others as well....

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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 4
Phoenix, your own words have shown how foolish and ignorant you are. If you really spent even close to nine years of study then you have done so with your eyes and ears closed. At the point you claim to be at you should realize that you don't need a teacher, all that you need is what you already have. Or, as the Tao would say, "When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."

You are young, arrogant, foolish, and ignorant. You are by far Britty's inferior and you would be making your first apparent act of wisdom by realizing that.
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 5
I am researching of a group that studies Restricted Spells... Killing spells and other restricted moves....

If you dont understand my goal, then, dont post anything here...

This message is a way to call upon those who has other knowledge of new created spells, Spells concerning not Dark and Light magic, chaos or healing but new ones...

Its a good thing i am not calling myself The best Caster ever...
Thats why i am asking those people with knowledge of new spells...
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 6
If your calling me a Fool, then i have the right to call you a fool as well, cause you dont understand my real goal...

I am not the kind who studies and yells at everyone that i am the best among the rest... I am the one who wants to learn new topics... If you are like those people who prefers not to study new topics and create new lines, your worth nothing...
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 7
I think you have things a little off, kid. I'm calling you a fool because I do understand your goal and your words suggest that you are, or at least should be if you were capable of common sense, at a level where you would not require that. You should realize by now how energy works, how to work energy, and thus how to create your own spells. At that point more research should be done, yes, always, but at that point you should be capable of doing so on your own without a coven to create spells and list methods for you. Search engines(meaning web browsing), home experiments, tests, and perhaps a library can all be very helpful in that. If you really knew enough to say that you are done studying even one of the topics you listed you should also already know enough to know all about what I am telling you. The fact that you do not is why I call you ignorant and foolish, that and you insulted someone who clearly knows far more then you about magick as well as about morals and manners.
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 8
I hate to break it to you, but you're an idiot.
1. If you really were as learned as you claim to be, you wouldn't be looking for magick capable of killing people.

2. If you want something considered higher class, why not purchase the Necronomicon? Have you tried Demonology?

3. There are many more streams of magick available to study than what you have done.

4. Even if you have knowledge of how magick works, you have obviously missed the larger lesson it offers.

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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 9
This topic, is just a test...
I am calculating, on how far a person will go if I did this topic... I am going to create a group far more greater than what others study... And i am just testing the people who will reply to this...

True, i finished all the stuffs i mentioned.... Now, i have to reset the topic for my experimentation... I aint really looking for killing spells...

You guys passed the test....
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Re: Higher Class...
Post # 10
Don't try to cover up your mistakes by saying you were testing us.
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