Basic Spirit/Summoning

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Basic Spirit/Summoning
Post # 1
Hi, i just discovered i can see spirits a year ago when i was in a graveyard last year, initially i thought i was going crazy until i could change my vision, when i looked this changing of vision i discovered that it is a changing of plains, the one i can change to is called the spirit plain, where i can summon and see spirits. To get to the point here i would like some basic spirit and/or summoning spells if they can be given.
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Re: Basic Spirit/Summonin
Post # 2
Working with Spirits is less about spell work and more about rituals. Spirits are sentient, intelligent, wise and powerful entities. More intelligent and wise, in most cases, then we can hope to be while we are still alive. If you want to work with them as best as is possible you will have to show them respect, courtesy, kindness, etc. Treat them as the superior beings they should be considered as while also treating them as friends. You would not do this by summoning in the sense that summoning is usually considered. Instead you would request their help and hope that they accept.

Runemaster, you have recently joined Guild of Mages, a coven that I am in. If you look back to the third, fourth, and fifth pages of the coven forums you will find threads I posted that should help you with this. They are posted as necromancy lessons. If you need more details on how to find them I will send the names of the threads to you as well as what pages each are on in a message.
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Re: Basic Spirit/Summoning
Post # 3
yeah thats just about right rag tho it is possible to summon one outside of a ritual. takes one hell of an effort but it is possible.
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Re: Basic Spirit/Summoning
Post # 4
I enjoy rituals. It makes me feel like I'm doing a little more then I may really be doing for them in return for their help. Normally if I don't do a ritual it's because I'm just contacting my Spirit Guides(which I do during meditation) for some extra support or a little more advice.
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