"War" On YouTube???

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"War" On YouTube???
Post # 1
Blessed be fellow Pagans and Wiccans.
I Will be discussing what I think is an important issue, the so called War on YouTube.

The only thing I can say to all of you who are getting yourself worked up about all of the anti Wiccan and Anti Pagan videos on YouTube. DONT WORRIE ABOUT IT! Just get a nice hot cup of green tea, relax, and continue to read this.

There are hundreds of ignorant, sadistic and simply stupid videos on YouTube targeted mainly on religion. And since YouTube is an anonymous user website, It would be safe to say that most of these videos are made by angst 10 year old little brats who want to get popular on you tube , and the easiest way to get popular these days is by making stupid ignorant videos. And since there are a lot of people in the world who are not tolerant of stupid people or stupid videos, well, the rest is history.

And the so called "Christian" mentioned in LadyTessas forum post, is doing nothing but giving a VERY bad name to Christians.

The Bible itself teaches agents this type of behavior displayed by this so called "Christian". I have many Christian friends who are just fine with me being a Wiccan (I came out of the broom closet yesterday)

The best thing to do is to IGNORE people like that on YouTube and anywhere else on the internet! Because, if you ignore them, they are not getting the attention they want from you people, so they will eventually go away. Believe it or not, there are more people on YouTube who support Wicca than there are people opposed to it.

Anyways, I hope I shed some light on this.
Blessed Be.
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Re: "War" On YouTube???
Post # 2
Most of these people are these little things called 'trolls'.
But some are serious, or just need some help in the head.

Its just instinct to get worked up when someone is challenging your belief.
Its like someone just took your favorite flavored muffin and chucked it overboard.
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Re: "War" On YouTube???
Post # 3
each to there own i beleive and by saying negitive things about these people is just as bad as what there doing just dont watch these videos simple as and dont give then your energy

love n light intriuged
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Re: "War" On YouTube???
Post # 4
I agree with you, we should do that. And I came out of the broom closet a couple of months ago so only a couple of my friends know except my family.
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