Any True Magic in Items?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Any True Magic in Items?

Any True Magic in Items?
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All right, people have very often been known for the use of magic items in their practice of magic. It might be candles, incense, swords, or any number of other things, but what actually makes these items so magic? The answer, is nothing really. The vast majority of magical items and their uses are actually based on the perception of the person using the item. The entire idea of magic is based on the ability of the mind to will something into happening, when using magic items, you are actually in esscence willing that the item have a meaning for your purpose. A pack of cigarettes for example could be used in the practice of magic (don't really know how, but it is just an example of the ideal of something having magical properties just because the user wishes so). In a perfect world actually, magic items would not really even be needed, but that would require an amount of extreme skill. It is because of the use of magic items that allow a person to more clearly visulize their intended purpose and succeed in that purpose. Don't misunderstand what I am saying here, I am not condoning the use of magic items at all because they have been around since magic was first practiced and are an important part to the whole idea. My intended purpose here is actually to make people think about their reliance on the use of items because I am sure some rely too much. One of the essential things in the success of magic, is visualization, and we use these items to aid in that, but to grow truly stronger, the use of items needs to be at a minimal level. I am not saying do a complex spell with fewer items or even no items, because who knows what the consequences might be! However, I would recomend that with more simplistic work you use as few physical items as possible because once you are able to wean yourself off of these physical items and are able to visualize the item actually in your minds eye and succeed in your purpose you have grown into a level that many will never see. Just always keep this in mind, the magic is not in the item, but is actually in YOU!
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