Full Moon Casting ?

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Full Moon Casting ?
Post # 1
Hi..I am new to spell casting but have been practicing nearly daily for the past few weeks. I was having spells cast for me by others but was feeling very little success & started to realize I would feel more comfortable doing it myself. So far, I haven't had any blatant successful spell casts but I am still new & it is early. I am really enjoying this, but have a lot of questions. One is if a full moon is scheduled, but it is hidden by clouds/ does that work? It's still full but not seen readily by the eye. Would it still offer the same power as one that is on a clear night?
Also any beginner tips would be helpful & much appreciated. I would like to build my power but not sure if I am...thanks!
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Re: Full Moon Casting ?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Okay you are correct in your line of thinking. The moon is still full so yes you can cast, however the power comes from the moonlight as well. As a beginner I would suggest casting in the moonlight for maximum results. I would also suggest to try and write your own spells rather then borrowing or having someone else cast for you. Nothing is more powerful then your own will or desire. By writing and casting when you feel the time is right, it will increase the potency of your spell and hopefully get you closer to your desired results.

Good luck

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Re: Full Moon Casting ?
Post # 3
Danielle..thank you so much for your response. I have been trying to write my own spells as well as using written ones that I adjust to fit my situation. I use what I feel is right in my "heart", but I'm not sure if there is some guidelines I need to follow for added success. I appreciate your help. Take care.
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