"Spirit Vampires"

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"Spirit Vampires"
Post # 1
I was thinking of all these things I've heard
about "spirit vampires" or "vampiric spirits."
How the spirit of a vampire is different from other spirits
and goes around taking hosts to drain others of energy
or whatever.

I'm going to try to fit this in with two different versions.
Either it can fit with the myths,
or it will fit with reality.

In mythology a vampire is generally either undead or immortal.
mythological undead, being dead,
would not likely have a spirit
nor would they require hosts.

Immortals, being creatures that live forever,
may have a spirit,
but would still not require a new host.

So it doesn't look like they fit into mythology very well.

Now for reality.
In reality a vampire is a being
with a flaw in the flow of their energy,
a being that is incapable of producing enough energy,
or must for whatever reason take energy from an external source.

being pure energy,
would not have this problem
since they would not need to produce it
nor would they have a physical body for it to flow through.

So logically speaking a "spirit vampire" would not be possible.

Consider it a myth that has been busted. :D
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 2
That's not so much a disagreement.
It is true that spirits can,
and many restless ones will,
take energy from the living,
but they do not require this.
A vampire can get extremely sick and in severe cases die
from not getting the energy that they require,
spirits will not die nor suffer any form of ailment
if they do not take energy from a living being.
I have yet to meet a spirit that truly required the energy they took
and I have yet to meet a spirit that would do so
while in a good mood.

I believe it may be their way of attacking people.
They can't punch us,
but they can sap energy from us.
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 3
I believe that your soul can take on vampyric qualities as maybe a form of lesson for that particular lifetime. These are the vampyres who can learn to control their feeding habits and put a cap on those that they normally drain. If it was solely a genetic defect you wouldn't be able to control it what-so-ever. That would be like saying that a child with down syndrome would be able to control their condition. Personally, I've subconsciously been able to control the natural feeding of someone else's energy when I'm around them. There are certain people I leave myself open to feeding off of because I like the effect their energy has on me, then there are people that I've learned to close myself off from. However, I still have nearly every other "symptom" of vampyrism, I have just learned to control my feeding habits (unless I'm looking at it wrong and the shutting off is actually the 'flight' side that my mind takes of the 'fight or flight' response).
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 4
Personally, I don't believe in ADD and ADHD lol I also only believe in severe forms of Autism. Those could be controlled and even 'cured' with a little discipline, however, other conditions simply cannot because the brain just isn't capable. So, henceforth, every condition can't be controlled. :)
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 5
ADD/ADHD is a very real problem,
however it is not purely genetic.
It is a chemical imbalance that can not only be controlled,
it can also be defeated or simply grown out of.

Autism is pretty much a genetic defect and chemical imbalance.
What they believe happens is something messes up
while the brain is developing
and causes the previously developed parts
to slowly fall apart or simply freeze up.
Something like that.
Anyways, I'm not entirely sure how that would be controlled.
How do you control the speed of brain development?
What you see from the child's behavior
are only symptoms of the problem.

The problem itself in most cases for any ailment
are nearly uncontrollable if it's not curable.
Treatments are generally for treating the symptoms.
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 6
i believe aleister crowley also gave some similar accounting to shadowswolfs post about being able to drain anothers energy he called it pyschic vampirism where it is humans not spirits which do this and that there are two types those who do consciously as he claimed and others according to him did it unknowingly the body requires energy which we automatically convert from food but there are always other methods the body uses and this he claims is one of them he also boasted to be able to drain energy to the extent that household lights would dim although this took about 30 years to reach that level
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Re: "Spirit Vampires"
Post # 7
yes he was dubbed that he also took the name the beast 666 this originally came from his mother who after his father death crowley became more sceptical to religon his mother would call him the beast for his growing occult interest which later as leader of order of the golden dawn a freemason organisation he restructured it to a religous order using thelemic teachings later he joined the ordo templi orientis using drugs sex magick eastern tantrics he soon revived his mothers beast rebukes taking on the title and role however his magickal knowledge was considerable he died in 1947 how would the general populace of the 1930s view ozzy osborne madonna manson sid vicious and these are pop stars
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