Lycan Myths and Facts

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Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 1
Since the Baying Wolves coven does not allow non-members to post,
I decided to copy and paste a thread here
that I feel needs correcting.

In the Baying Wolves coven the thread is titled "Facts..."
however that is wrong since most of this is not fact.

"Ways to Become a Werewolf
1) A human?s DNA mixes with a werewolf?s.
He/she is bitten by a werewolf.
He/she is the child of at least one werewolf.(a.k.a. blood line lycan )
He/she eats a part of the werewolf.
He/she drinks water from the pawprint of a werewolf.
He/she drinks water downstream from where a werewolf is drinking.
2) In the case of Mental Shifting, there is no given way to become a werewolf. It just happens, being something of a genetic fluke.
3) A human cast a magic spell to become a werewolf."

The only way to become a werewolf is through birth.
You must be born a werewolf,
you can not just decide you want to be one
and follow through with anything listed here.
Eating a werewolf is called cannibalism,
and at least in America I think that may be illegal
or at least socially frowned upon.

"Types of Shifting
1) Physical Shifting
Bilocation Shifting - This is a rare form of P-Shifting. In it, the human body becomes completely rigid, and a wolf materializes by it. The wolf contains the essence of that human.
Classical Shifting - It is a painful process during, and sometimes before, the Shift as the human slowly morphs into wolf shape.
Molecular Shifting - This is an almost instantaneous Shift. The actual event is painless, though the werewolf may feel some discomfort leading up to it.
2) Mental Shifting
In my opinion, an M-Shifter can't properly be called a werewolf, but for the sake of completeness, I'll include them here.
Astral Shifting - The Shifter becomes a wolf during a kind of daydream.
Aura Shifting - A common form of M-Shifting, this is when a human being takes on a wolfish mood.
Non-Shifting - A human feels a deep connection to wolves but has never experienced any other kind of Shift. Of course, he may later on.
Persona Shifting - Think Dissociative Identity Disorder. Yeah, it's kind of like that. The person has a human personality and a wolfish one.
Sense Shifting - The person has at least one wolfish sense, such as hearing, eyesight, etc."

Only mental shifting and astral shifting have been proven,
from what I've seen,
and "sense shifting" is actually a near-required part
of being a lycan.
One big thing about lycans is how they have the senses of a wolf.
They do not come and go,
they are just there,
and so "sense shifting" would not occur.
Also, physically shifting has not been proven
in anything other then fantasy stories and Hollywood movies.

"When Shifting Can Occur
Depending on the person, he can transform at a variety of times. He may do it:
At night.
At will.
During the full moon.
When the he is extremely emotional or stressed."

Night and the moon actually have no direct affect
on lycans in general.
Some lycans may prefer to "shift" during that time,
especially since lycans(like wolves) are usually nocturnal,
but otherwise there is no direct affect caused by that.

"Differences Between Wolves and Werewolves
1) Physical Differences - Variable. Often they can look exactly like wolves. Sometimes, they appear more monster-like. Other times, they appear to be a cross between a wolf and a human being.
2) Behavioral Differences - Werewolves are generally more aggressive than wolves and prefer attacking humans to animals."

Do I really need to point out the flaws here?
A lycan would appear as human.
If any of you can bring me a "monster-like" werewolf,
let me know so we can arrange a meeting.
I'll be sure to bring my tranquilizers and a cell phone
so that we can call the nearest science facility.

On the periodic table, silver has the atomic number 47, and it is a transtion metal with the symbol Ag. It has been used from ancient times for a variety of purposes. No one knows how or when silver was discovered, but our word from it comes from the Old English "seolfor." These days, it is used for photographic film, electronics, batteries, and of course, jewelry."

Congratulations to the person who wrote this out,
finally we see something that is true.

"How it typically affects a werewolf:
Silver itself does not kill a werewolf.
Large amounts of silver do, however, or any silver that is mixed in with the blood (i.e. a silver bullet or stake).
If the amount is too small, it will temporarily injure the werewolf, and it may leave a permanent scar."

Ouch, a short lived victory.
Silver has no affect on lycans
other then the same affect it has on "normal" humans.
This would be a fantasy from video games,
books, and movies.

Wolfsbane, also commonly known as Monkshood, is more properly called Aconitum, a perennial flower that prefers cool, moist soil. All parts of Aconitum are poisonous to humans, especially the roots."

Having not researched this,
I can't say whether or not it's false,
but it does sound right to me.

"How it typically affects a werewolf:
It gives off an irritable smell.
If a werewolf comes in contact with Wolfsbane, he can develop a rash.
If he swallows it, he will be quite sick for the next couple of days.
Sometimes, however, a potion derived primarily from Wolfsbane can present a cure for lycanthropy."

The biggest flaw here is "cure for lycanthropy,"
unfortunately there is no cure.
This is another fantasy from video games,
books, and movies.

So as you can see,
a majority of what is here is myth.
Not fact.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 2
Your welcome, Raven.
Hopefully others will see this and realize that too. :)

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 3
Wow, one of the few who seem to have knowledge of the Lycan kind. Nice to see this place hasn't entirely gone to the dogs (no pun intended) xD

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 4
wow i didnt even read it all yet. From wat i gathered, actually transforming into one was once possible, but the arts were lost when the ancient tribal ways were wiped out by eurpeans when they sought to take over the globe. supposedly it wasnt just wolves either. but the accounts were sketchy as to whether they actually became wolves, or they became wolves in ind and spirit. Old european style literature is so confusing to me.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
*sighs* Yes, thank you for taking care of that, Morion...If I had found that, I would have been very through in my corrections, as you were, but far harsher...I fear my temper these days is not in the best of control. Thank you once again.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 6
Yes, it is about time i found someone who knows what there talking about when it comes lycans/werewolves. Me being one it makes me really mad when people say all that junk, but i have accualy physicaly "shifted" once or twice, i don't remember when or why, but it seamed like i was half awake half asleep, not shure if it clears up later on though but i think it must. i woke up in my back yard around 1:00am-2:00am the first time and i really freaked me out because i dont sleep walk.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 7
Twice now Nessiah has committed plagiarism. Sadly, he's not the only person on this site who does that.

For anyone thinking I'm accusing MorionDae of Plagiarism, I'm not. He admitted to not writing this out and mentioned that he got it from the Baying Wolves coven. In the Baying Wolves coven it was Nessiah who posted this.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 8
I used to be a member of Baying Wolves. Nice coven.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 9
Regardless of how nice they may be, they don't seem to know much about what they teach. They only seem to have about five lessons in their coven, three of which were taken from other sites and none of which are accurate with the exception of one posted by Steven which, amusingly, is the same point I tried to explain to the Priestess who refused to listen to me. From what I understand at least three other people also tried to make this point to Larka, that Wolves do not bay and that they do not howl at the moon, but she will only hear what she wants to hear and she does not want to hear the truth.

Re: Lycan Myths and Facts
Post # 10
the part about wolfsbane being toxic and the use of it's flowers is correct. Here's a bit more on wolfs bane, however, the part where it's a cure for lycanthropy is 100% FALSE

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