Reincarnated Kittie?

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Forums -> General Info -> Reincarnated Kittie?

Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 1
Something very strange is happening with one of my kittens. I have ten babies, but this one is different.
Where the others are content to snuggle togther in their nests. this one started crawling out of the nest as soon as she had her eyes open. She can't even walk yet. I hear her crying, go back to check and there she is. As soon as she sees me, she starts dragging her tiny body toward me as fast as she can, squalling at the top of her not so tiny lungs. She continues, til I pick her up, then she stops crying and just cuddles into my hands as she stares up at me like shes trying to tell me something. She is extremely alert. She even acts as if she knows my dog, Baby Girl.
I thought at first she might not be getting enough to eat, but she isn't hungry and she appears well fed.
I do believe one of the furbabies I've lost has returned to me.
What do you think? Could a cat remember a past life and recognize her old family.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 2
Generally they would not remember past lives.
Those memories are stored in the soul and not the brain,
however younglings(specifically babies and toddlers)
do seem capable of accessing those memories
easier then us old folks do.
It is possible,
but I think it's more likely
that the kitten caught your scent,
maybe your dog's scent too,
and is now seeing you two as the parents because of that.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 3
Your speaking of imprinting, and that does happen, but with orphaned kittens. This baby still has her Mom. Shes still in the stage where all she should be doing is sleeping and eating.
Thats what makes her behavior so unusual.
The only reason a kitten this young will leave the nest is because they aren't getting enough to eat. She has none of the signs of a hungry kitten.
I've had other cats behave like this, usually, they turned out to be familiars, but never this young. And cats can recall things from past lives, esp. if they are familiars, I've seen evidence of this with my own eyes.
It's not so much what shes doing that startles me, its that shes so very young. She acts like a much older cat.
Yesterday, she tried to drink from their waterdish and nearly took a bath in it! I think shes going to grow up be a very special cat.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 4
It probably will be.
Sorry, I've only studied past life experiences and memories
with and for humans.
Cats and dogs have not been as good
at giving me the details of what they remember
and even worse with dates and locations.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 5
Being hungry earlier,
I forgot one of the things I was going to say.

I have had to raise abandoned kittens several times.
For several litters,
there was usually at least one kitten
that refused to stay in the basket.
They would get plenty to eat,
but they loved to explore.

With humans,
curiosity is a sign of intelligence.
(this is why if you are a parent
and tell your kid not to ask 'why' so much,
I say, "Bad parent! No! Don't do that!")

my guess is that the kittens that feel the need to explore
are the more curious ones.
If it's the same with them as it is with humans,
then these would be the more intelligent ones.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 6
They speak, but not in words.
You can tell by their actions. They each have little quirks, like one cat I used to have who liked to hide in a tree, then when I passed below, she'd jump down onto my shoulder and scare me. I swear she would laugh at me everytime.
When she was reborn, and came back to me, she did the same thing. I know some people will say Its just a matter of typical cat behavior, that a lot of cats will behave exactly the same way and that is true. But haven't you ever met someone new and sworn you know them, already? Not by the way they look, but all the little mannerisms that add up to someone you know and know well? And you think we must have known each other in a previous life.
Thats how it is with animals. You have a cat who behaves with all the little mannerisms and personality quirks of an old friend, and you look into its eyes and see that old friend staring back.
Its hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced this and easy to dismiss as imagination or wishful thinking, but once it happens to you, you have no doubt who it is who is gazing back at you. And of course, if you tell people, they'll think you're crazy.
The first time I saw Tisha after she came back, she was sitting in a tree above my head, laughing at me. I recognized her immediately.
She jumped down into my arms, and she was with me this time for about seven years. I'm hoping she'll return again soon. I miss her.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 7
I would think curiosity too and a need to explore if she weren't so young, kittens generally start doing that between 2 and 3 weeks old. She started this behavior at three days old when her eyes opened. I've raised hundreds of orphaned kittens and puppies and I've never had one behave like this one.
Either way, I'm sure she's someone special. Maybe she'll be a kitty genus! lol.
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Re: Reincarnated Kittie?
Post # 8
Oh thats so cute!
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