Money problems

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Money problems
Post # 1
My sister was going to pay some of her tuition for college with 1000 dollars the state gives to students. However, the state mailed her a letter saying that the money may not be available anymore. Does anyone know a spell so the chances of the money being available are increased? If you do, please help!
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Re: Money problems
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Google the terms "Crown of Success Spell" and "Money Come to Me Spell."

Using a computer program or making an arts and crafts project or using a check from an actual checkbook, write out or create a $1000 check to represent the check from the State. Have this "fake" check be made out to your sister issued from the State. Mkae it as realistic as possible - it is the magical stand-in for the real deal until it comes.

Hold it and pray over it as if it were real. Anoint it with an appropriate condition oil. Infuse it with your energy, name it and claim it.

Place this blessed check in some sort of significant container - a wish box, your money altar, in your Bible or other holy book, or what i would do: under a large Lodestone used for money work. Burn wish-fulfilling, Crown of Success, and/or money candles. Add botanical helpers, as appropriate, to your wish box/altar/holy book. Pray over it, affirm that the check will come, burn incense, vigil candles, etc. Keep up this work until it feels "right" and "full," maybe a week, a month, or a year, whatever.

Take this blessed check and bury it on your bank's property. Offer prayers of optimistic thanksgiving. Take a small handful of the bank's dirt home with you. Walk away from the bank and your buried check without looking back; go directly home without stopping or speaking to anyone. Place the bank dirt on your money altar. Continue to pray for the tutition check *or for another financial opportunity better than what you envision,* taking comfort and belief that the Universe will provide for your sister richly. Affirm wealth and abundance at every opportunity - not lack or need.
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