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for beginners
Post # 1
Question: I am having a lot of trouble with spells. Any spells you would recommend for beginners?

Answer: First you should practice meditation and creative visualization so that you can learn how to direct your energy and thoughts to where you want them to go. Then when you cast a spell, you'll be able to visualize the spell being complete and from direct the energy so that the spell will work properly. At this point any spell you do should work to some extent.
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Re: for beginners
Post # 2
also, if you need help from me please, for the love of the goddess do NOT send me and email saying "Ma'am I need help" and leave it at that. If you want my help, please formulate an actual statement that explains what you need help with. If you are coming to me you obviously need help, stating that you need help makes your email rather redundant.

For those asking for tarot readings and you aren't being patient, I'm fill you in on how I do my tarot readings.
If I say I'm going to do one for you, I will. It may take some time so you have to be patient. I can not force a tarot reading because I would rather have a good quality reading to give you than give you something I just randomly made up on the spot. If I have a headache, I can not preform a tarot reading because it comes out wrong, same goes for forcing a tarot reading. I know you need answers and I will give you your reading as soon as I am able.

Lastly, please do not send me questions asking about Love spells, how to become a mermaid, werewolf, vampire or other mystical creature in the magical realm, these will now be ignored and deleted from here on out.

I am here because I wish to teach and help out the Admin of this site. If you desire to learn real magic then you can come to me. If you are having a problem, please come to me and we'll work it out. If you want to be a little tyrant on here do not come to me for I have little time to deal with you, and if I don't gag you for breaking rules, another mod will.

Every day I log on to this site, my mailbox is flooded with questions from people who are truly curious, THEY are answered first. All other questions are put second, and if they are pertaining to love spells and the such, deleted on the spot.
Please keep this in mind before you message me.

Thank you,

Lady SilverVixen
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Re: for beginners
Post # 3
I do agree with you but it is also wise to ask about the spell and get to know it, like why do you need the moon light or the candles, what kind of power does it give it. That way you know if it will work or not.

I am sure there are other people around to ask questions to, I guess they see you more then anyone else lol. But I did made a post about love, money, and wish spells but it must of been deleted or something. I am thinking about making another but it just might get deleted all over again you see...

Anyways I do tarot readings to, but like SilverVixen said I have to follow the limits of the cards.
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Re: for beginners
Post # 4
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Re: for beginners
Post # 5
I'm bumping this up for those who are new
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