I have a question

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I have a question
Post # 1
This isnt really about spells, there's just no appropriate forum subject for this to go under.
Is there any specific heirarchy for magic? i know there is high priestess, and in ancient egypt there were temple guards and lay magicians.
does anyone know if there is a Magical Heirarchy?
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Re: I have a question
Post # 2
In Any Mythology.

Many magickal systems are based on religions. The deities of the religions form useful hierarchies of structural links with energies of a higher order. Examples are the systems of Voodoo, Santeria, Shintoism, Shamanism, Wicca, and Tibetan religion.
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Re: I have a question
Post # 3
Since this site is for beginners and since Pet thought it was not important enough it is not on here, I believe that there should be at least a history page on this site so we can learn a bit more about it, but of course pet has what he says... to much stuff to do and can't do everything.

Of course we can make our own forum about it but it won't stick on their forever unless a mod sticks it. I doubt they'll do it tho.
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Re: I have a question
Post # 4
it depends on the tradition.

Correllian Wicca Tradition for example

Outer court- people who are not members of the clergy
1st degree- Priest/ess and first level of clergy status, can do minor rituals such as a minor funeral rite or minor wiccaning
2nd degree-Priest/ess (this is the second level of clergy)
3rd degree- Priest/ess can do marriages, funerals, run their own temple, be elders, or hold office positions.

Shrine/Temple heads - leaders of specific temples, usually 3 degree clergy
Officers (same ranking as elders) - persons who hold traditioin wide offices such as first elder & first director
elders (3rd degree)- distinguished members appointed to elder council due to personal merit
Joint Heads- 1st Priest/ess
Chancellor- the chief executive officer

So like I said , it really depends on the tradition. The above is just merely an example, and just the very very bare min of what each level is and/or does.
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Re: I have a question
Post # 5
No there is no specific hierarchy to magic.

A shaman, or hedgewitch does not have to bow down to or listen to an OTO ceremonial magician.

In ancient egypt, depending on which God or Goddess you were attached too, yes there was hierarchy in the various temples. But their hierarchies do not attach themselves to any other system of magic.
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