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Wolfs Lycans Vamps more
Post # 1
A lot of people on this site claims so much that their lycans, werewolves, vampires, and others.... As much as I can not tell them no matter how much info I give to them they just refuse to hear me out. I made this post to those who want to LEARN a thing or two, if it is to long for you then you are lazy so that is why I am going to skip a few lines when I go onto the next topic at hand...

First I'll like to say something about those who claim to be lycans or wolves in the Aster Plane... Now I have went there a few times myself. But before I learned how to enter it I had to study it, like did you know that Aster animals can change their forms anytime they want to? Either to trick us or to run away. Of course that does not mean that they don't have a real form, they just don't use it as much when others are around. Now my point that I am getting to is that anything in the Aster plane, Angels (Higher-beings) to us humans, can to change our forms. The secret on how to change forms is on into the head. Because your just a spirit, energy, kinda like water, it can change it's own form to anything the mind thinks that form really is. You can't just think that your a rabbit and look your a rabbit, you must believe that you really are a rabbit. So lets just say that a few people here that never took the time to study the Aster Plane (don't say that you learned everything you can to it because there are still secrets to it) went out of their body and learned out to move, fly, and all that... Then after wards they remember that they think that their a wolf to heart. What do you think will happen? They turn into it and then really believe that their one.

I did made a post on here asking if anyone seen a person turn into a wolf, people said no but others said that they can only turn into wolves in the Aster Plane, yes I did my homework when I heard about this... Just because you turn into a animal there does not mean that is your animal totem or that your a wolf or anything else, because you can easily turn (if you believe you are as the same as the other you believed in) yourself into anything else.

Now about vampires or shorten vamp. I have seen a few people that had called themselves a vampire before, Even from other websites... A lot of those people are goths and emos trying to be cool in their own way, I have nothing against that, but if they take it to far then I do. I did some research a long long time ago. There is a way to turn yourself into a vampire, but of course it is nothing like the movies and what people on this site take about them. The Psi Vampire is someone (of course human or animal) Steals Psi energy from another being. It doesn't matter how they steal it is what calls them a Psi Vampire it is the matter on how much they steal when they need it. That does not mean that you can just call yourself a psi vampire because it's title isn't for that kind of thing. In fact I even heard people on here that say if you steal another energy and taste it then you will go mad and crazy and want more... Kinda sounds like Harry Potter huh? when that evil dude drinks the unicorns blood. Taking something else energy does not make you go mad or crazy... But I will say this, If you do take to much of somethings energy or to much of a lot of somethings energy does not make you stronger you see. Because that energy is part of their soul and not yours it won't stay in your body very long. That is why you take it when you really need it at that time. Kinda like taking to many pills that makes you health, They do something when you take 2 pills but if you take 50 pills it is the same effect as the 2 pills (the pills I am talking about are not toxic if you take to many) and the other 48 pills will just go threw you without doing effect. I had to take out some energy from planets before because it was a hot summer and I was walking 3 miles and was tried, after I took their energy I felt so much better. But after the energy left me I felt worse then before. This doesn't mean it is a bad thing at all, if it is just going to make you feel worse later on. It just means that you need to do it at the right timing when your doing that hard task. Now if I didn't do it then I might not have gone to my point B without passing out.

Just because you call yourself a vampire or a psi vampire does not mean that your better then everyone else, it just means that you take energy to help you with your tasks. Not drinking blood from some person and jump into a coffin and sleep out the day. If you do that then your not a vampire but someone that is asking for trouble.

Now for the Others... I have myself here an Encyclopedia of Magickal Creatures. It has a lot but not all of course. I never did heard of anyone else calling them selves anything in this book, but there are some that call themselves demons or half demons...

Now let me give you this full out... There might be a way to be a demon or a half demon, but just because their is a way doesn't mean that you are one. If you were a half demon from birth then the demon will take the body and not the human spirit. If your saying that your full demon then your just lying to yourself and others. I am not saying that there isn't a way for you to be one, but that there are so many that say they are one.

Demons are evil and good. Just because their called demons (in the bible they say that their evil of course) does not mean that there ALL evil, a few are good. A demon is kinda like a Higher-being. They do what they think is right and when you need help. If they made the choice to be part of your body or soul, then it is for a good reason. Like to safe a person that can do good for this world. Since those high-beings can enter this world they don't have to do it. And they will be known as their angel or protector. I think that they know if going inside a person from birth will make them weaker in a human form, you know we all have are limits. And if something evil did took over your body during birth then anything "Holy" Will hurt you. Of course I said Holy because not everything that is a cross or a picture of god or his son is holy enough to do harm to evil. Age Holy water that you can make if you know how to... Might do some harm. Like I said not all demons are evil.

If you have a power then keep it to yourself until someone else ask what you can do, don't just brag it off to everyone and your friends. Yes it is something you can do and you have pride for it. But doing so will make people less likely to believe you. If they all don't believe you and you know for sure that you can do it then that should be good enough, right? No need to be famous on here.

If you did had the time to read it all then thank you. I don't except any hate mail because I did my homework on here. If I did miss something then please tell me so next time I do a post I can be better.
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Re: Wolfs Lycans Vamps more
Post # 2
I totally agree with what you wrote, you obviously did do research. I'm a psi-vampire and as you wrote i don't drink blood or jump in a coffin, but unlike you wrote I'm always taking energy I still have not been able to turn it off, But I've been this way a long time as far back as I can remember. Thanks for posting this I hope those that read it will pass it on so others will stop saying their vampires,( that drink blood and burn in light,)lycans and others.
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