Smoke scrying

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Smoke scrying

Smoke scrying
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I was scrying with the smoke from some incense the other day and I just though I would share the idea that came into my awareness.

If we as creatures on the world we live in wish to leave this world to seek another do we cause a ripple in the space between them? What I saw was a definite yes as creatures came out of smoke rings very much like the way a pond ripples when you toss something into the world below.

I thought to myself I will have to concentrate on my astral form to see if I cause any. Later that night I did and saw that I do, so I followed the ripples. When I got to where I could no longer see them I looked around and felt as if I was seeing the entire astral realms.

To me it look very much like a galaxy picture. Now I would like to hear you thoughts on this.
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Re: Smoke scrying
Post # 2
cool very deep thoughts how do you scry with smoke as im stuck
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Re: Smoke scrying
Post # 3
Thats something really cool.
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Re: Smoke scrying
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Smoke scrying is done very much like other forms of scrying. As with water, mirror, fire, cloud, crystal ball, picture, wood, tea, and so on, you gaze at the object and meditate or go into a trance. As you do this you communicate with the object to so that you may ask questions and receive answers form it.

With all forms of scrying you will see things form in the object. You might find faces, words, animals, tools, colors, even sounds can come through.

Remember though you must have your third eye open at least 95% so there are protective measures you should take. If you do not already have some protective magic on you will want to dowse yourself with some before you start. :)
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