to test the basic law

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to test the basic law
Post # 1
in the craft, someone must ask for help before you will do any spell for them. that is the basic law. well, thats very conflicting and trying to keep when. im seeing someone that really needs my help and they can not say "i need help, help me." its even more harder when they even dared me to help, yet... i need those words "help me" i will take any dare.

this is the far most hardest decision i have to make in the longest time. simply because it does not have to deal with me. it deals with someone i care about. plus, i have only dealt with people asking for help. now, someone that is clearly calling out to me and not able to speak those words...

if this person says that they really are in need for help and not ask, should i help?
should i help them with out their consent?
should i even take that dare with out those words "help me"?
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Re: to test the basic law
Post # 2
Wiccans believe that you should not practice magick on another without their consent, that's their law, If the person is not able to talk to you for some reason, it would be wise not to practice on them unless they are close friends who know what you do and would accept it, or a witch themselves. If this is not a medical situation I suggest talking to them about it. I don't understand them daring you to help?
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Re: to test the basic law
Post # 3
sometime you have got to let nature take its course,nature is the strongest force of all no amount of magic,spells psychic intervention can fight this force,I understand its hard to see someone you think is suffering, but intervening could actually make there journey go off scale and make the situation worse all you can do is support them and if they ask for help in a magical manner then it will be there choice and may be part of journey whether it makes it worse or not,If something is added into there life without there consent and it does them good this it may only be temporary and nature may bring there situation back full force as they have not dealt with it in a natural manner, spells and magic and the such shouldnt be used for quick remedies they have complications,cause and affect,on your self this is your choice,but dont deny anothers choice.

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Re: to test the basic law
Post # 4
I Don't abide by that rule and im wiccan
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