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religion on public
Post # 1
Okay i know a lot people on here have talked about religion etc...

The only reason i hate this world is because the way that some people keep making me trying to believe in something i don't want to believe in.

Have you ever been in public places rather its at work, or just in town etc.... Has anyone ever come to you and say do you go to church, blah, blah, do you know that lord is your savor blah,blah. It really just disgust me when people come up to me like that and say stuff like that to me. It sometimes hurts my feelings, because i find that a personal thing.

I work at store, and everytime i work not all the time but sometiimes, i have people who come up to me and say do you believe in god? do you go to church?? ugghh its makes me mad because i hate talking about religion.

Dose it ever hurt you're feelings sometimes.

What do you think about this??

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Re: religion on public
Post # 2
I was raised Christian but somewhere in my highschool period I started to question and negate the whole concept.
Some hypocritical guys (my age) harassed me for a while but it didn't change a thing. They were a lot worse sinners than me but they all had their "I believe in God (though I don't actually believe)" philosophy. I was sick of all that stupidity.

But then I listened to some people and one day I understood Christianity so I found myself in it.
Don't hate us Christians and Catholics (and other fractions). We don't hate, we don't judge.
Individuals are to blame, they are the scum of the Earth. Every religion has them.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 3
i don't hate them, it just makes me mad when they ask people this. i find it more of a personal thing.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 4
Some people take their religion way to far... But not all of them do so you understand... When I was driving by a elementary school on it's last day I saw people giving out mini bibles to the kids. I don't know if it is right because not all of them care for the bible like some people do. But of course since it was free I didn't mine.

When they did it to the high school one of the 12th graders said "Sorry I am Wiccan." out loud lol.

I was playing a online game one night and I was helping out someone, at the end (He did so many times that it took forever) he thank me and said not very many people are that nice, so I told him... "I am only nice because I study magick." (Because of this I follow the rules to be nice to others and don't harm others). He was shocked because he was a deep Christan and said that he wanted to save me. No I didn't got mad or anything, all I wanted to do is explain to him what wiccans, pagans, wizards, and others are and not all of them are pure evil (Sorry if I said that not all of them are pure evil but you never know if someone is evil that does magick) He heard me out and then he told me his side of his story. After that we were friends even tho we never spoke again.

The main idea is that not all of them are like some of the ones on youtube that wants to delete our accounts or something, just try to let them understand and if they don't want to like the episode of "trading mothers or whatever it was called" about a family that does magick and another family that is all about god.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 5
It doesn't hurt my feelings because I understand their purpose.

Say you had the chance to save someone
from an endless amount of pain and suffering,
would you?

If you saw someone getting mugged,
someone about to be murdered,
someone about to be raped,
would you just stand there and watch
or would you try to prevent it from happening?
If you say you would not interfere,
I believe you are what some people call a bad civilian.
Something like that.
In some places it is the law that you do interfere
and that is what the Christians are doing when they approach you.
Yes, it is a little different,
but the idea is the same.

Aside from that they could just be trying to share a good thing.
The religion they follow makes them feel good
and if they want to make others feel good too
they would try to spread what they believe.
They do that by finding people like you
and sharing with you what they know.

So I'm interpreting what your saying as;
"I don't want people trying to make me feel good
and I don't want people trying to help me
when they think I need help."
Neither of which is necessarily a bad thing,
but that's how I interpret it.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 6
You are being hypocritical. You are talking of pagan kindness and understanding but you go around and judge others.
If you don't like the offer just ignore it, just like a TV commercial.

In my opinion all of you who "fight" Christianity are fake pagans who want a bit attention.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 7
Sorry, love, but I do understand where they are coming from. I was one of them in my other life. I spouted their fundy Hellfire and Brimstone with the best. And I repeat, No matter how well meaning, No one has the right to push their religion on another, even if its just verbal and not at the point of a gun.
The proper way to go about this, is ASK first.
"hey, I'm a Christiam. I'd like to tell you about my religion. Would that be alright with you?" I've had some interesting conversations being approached this way, but if the person says no, then take no for an answer. Don't keep preaching at them, or try to press religious tracts on them which will probably be filed in the nearest trashcan. And Don't try to scare them with hell. Hell is your concept, not ours.
You say I'm being judgemental. Maybe I am. If God/dess hadn't meant for us to use it, S/he wouldn't have given us the gift of being able to judge for ourselves. And doesn't the Xtain bible say you can judge a tree by its fruit?
I'm not including All Xtians in this. There are many of them who don't behave so. I have good Xtian friends who know my beliefs and accept them as legitimate. Its the fundies who refuse to accept my religion as just as real to me as theirs is to them, and TO take no for an answer that I object to.
I'm not going to convert, no matter how many times they tell me I'm going to burn in hell, so they're wasting their breath and my time.
btw, aren't YOU being judgemental when you call me a hypocrite and accuse me of being judgemental?
"He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone."
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Re: religion on public
Post # 8
Oh yes, your comment on turning them off like a tv, how do you 'turn someone off', who's standing on the streetcorner screaming at you your going to hell, and that you shd be killed because the bible says 'suffer a witch not to live.'( and yes this has happened to me and not just once!)
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Re: religion on public
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 9
It is not against site rules to discuss religion in the public chat. I find it quite interesting to hear what other believe. Maybe seeing it as a way to learn and understand others is a better idea than seeing it as a way to attack you personally.
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Re: religion on public
Post # 10
I'm really interested in other religions as long as they accept that I'm as committed to mine as they are to theirs. I enjoy talking to people of different faiths, and yes, even arguing about it, as long as its a friendly argument and open minded on both sides. unfortunately,most fundies are closed minded and vehemently deny that mine is a religion, at all, much less discuss it.(and I'm not excluding Wiccans or Witches from this. I've meet both who were just as fundy as any Xtian) Its all their way or your going to hell.
I would really like to talk to someone Muslim, as that is a faith I know very little about other then the extremists that make the news.
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