Elemental Energy Help.

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Elemental Energy Help.
Post # 1
I would like to ask anyone with information that is about this topic to help me on my ambition.
My ambition is to master all the elemental energies and use them in correct and harmless uses to help with healing and banishing techniques.

I would like to announce now, I am not a beginner when it comes to Energy Manipulation, I have three years experience, and have been a psychic medium for almost one year now, although I'm a very fast learner, and should pick up on this very fast.

My Energy Type: Octarine.

Stating that fact, I know that drawing energy from the different realms should come more natural to me as Octarine is a mixture, I've been training with it almost 6 months, and I can already indentify each energy and single them out to create Consort Collaboration techniques.

For example.

Fire/Air energy mixes.
Earth/Spirit energy mixes.
Water/Chaos energy mixes.

I also have an intermidiate mastery over the Lightning elemental energy, as I've been using it almost 3 years as it was the first addition to my Elemental journey. I also have a beginner mastery over Fire and Death energy, although i am still trying to research and train this manipulation.

I would like to know more about these energies, Especially Death energy, I know the name can be scary. But it's just how the Energy works, it removes Old wasted energy which is basicaly what the Death process is about.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
Love and light.
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Re: Elemental Energy Help.
Post # 2
Urgh just urgh lol

Next time i am up your end we will work with the elements ok will help you get to know the feel of the energies more and how to understand them

As for Death energy still waiting for the reply then you will be set

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