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Draconica Recruits
Post # 1
I have kinda flummed around looking for requirements but havent found any.

Iam however offering people to study at my side.

Let me tell a bit about what Draconica is...

Draconica, or Aunuri as its actually called, is an spiritual path for people who can handle responsibility and have a sense of honor.

Iam VERY sure that Draconica have been used before for table top games and fantasy stuff, but Draconica is a translation of the word Aunuri which is...a very, very long story I choose to tell some other time.

As you may have figured out, Draconica is related to dragons.

No other mythical being display so much power and intelligence as the dragon does, the dragon is our symbol, guide and protector.

Members of the Draconica coven will strive for a common goal; power, wealth and wisdom.

We will balance light and dark, holding order in our right hand and chaos in our left.

With that said I hope you understand that joining this coven will grant you great power, but demand just as much responsibility.

Draconica is not for roleplayers, dont even think for two seconds that an roleplayer will be allowed within our ranks for long.

If we recover any source of great power (books and such which actually pack a punch) I dont want a fool running around and causing problems with it.

The recruit phase wont be just "ask to join and then on some seconds become a full member".

This is how it will be done.

1) Go to the Draconica website (still under construction, there was a second site that didnt go as planned...)


2)Register and input a serious name, this name will be your Draconica/Aunuri name if the council (at the moment its me) find it it proper.

3) I will verify your account manually and you will be granted access to more of the forum.

4) Make some posts, show that you are serious and then you will be granted more and more access to the forum as you go up in ranks.

Note that I may update this topic someday soon if I see something is missing.

How do you make a coven appear on this site?
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 2
I know what your point is,
but I feel like being a critic. :)

"No other mythical being display so much power and intelligence as the dragon"
Mythology also has gods and goddesses,
many of which I believe would either match or greatly overpower
most if not all myths of dragons.
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 3
Oh...right...forgot to mention.

Iam looking for interested and ambitious people in Sweden which can start and maintain covens around the country in order to network the covens and create an Order.

I have planned to open a shop in Malm? so I guess that will be our capital, but it would be great if covens could be created in Stockholm, Halmstad, Falkenberg, G?teborg and...any other place where it could work.

Then we could meet a week each year during summer to get know each other better and to plan for the future.

Sweden will be the main country of Draconica, but Covens can be formed and linked to the Order anywhere on Earth.

Thats what the forum is for.
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 4


You are right, but I was thinking about Angels, Demons, Phoenixes, etc when I said that, not Gods and Goddesses.

When you say "Dragon" I instantly start to think about this enormous and powerful creature with great magical abilities.

People think differently on dragons, my view on dragons is power and intelligence.
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 5
Most people's are.
Wisdom as well,
riddles for me.
I always think of riddles and poetry when I think of dragons.
All thanks to Tolkien. :D

I think angels, demons, and fallen
would be more powerful then dragons as well,
or at least competitively equivalent.
Amongst all other creatures, however,
I agree entirely.
And in symbolism I must agree as well,
since traditionally angels stand for purity
while demons stand for corruption
and the fallen stand for neutrality.
At least so far as I know.
And the mentioned gods and goddesses
all have their own individual representations.

Before this turns into an argument,
have you read the books by Michael Scott
about Nicholas Flamel, the Alchemyst?
While the twins Nick is watching
are being trained in elemental magick,
each of their teachers claims their own element
as the most powerful.
Air for being required for life,
Fire for being required for growth,
Water for being required for creation,
Earth for being required for existence.
In reality all four are required for the same reasons
and all four are equally powerful.

The reason one could say that one is more powerful then the other
is because that one person prefers that element above the others.
In the movie, "Fearless," starring Jet Li
it is explained that no martial art is better then any other,
superiority in the art is based on skill.
It's not what you use,
it's how you use it.
Likewise whether dragons,
or deities are more powerful
I think is based on which ones and how experienced they are. :)
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 6
I guess you are right. :/

Damn good post, man. :)

Okey okey, I change it to "The Dragon symbolize intelligence, power and wisdome and thats why its the lead symbol for our Order and Covens.".

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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 7
It seems Laiko that this post is one to fall under the advetisements section. The only reason I found myself looking at this is because I noticed you trying to start a coven on a site that no longer allows creations, coming to find you have an entirely different site making this an advertisement.

As such, I love being a critic as well.
Dragons have been known to be wise yes and rather large (usually high on the food chain not to mention), but not too high on the "power" if you will. Dragons themselves are usually more brawn than spiritual power. Although, they are very capable of becoming powerful the same way us humans do, the true study of magic itself. They rarely have a natural born gift to make the sky rain with lolly pops just by the snap of their fingers/claws. And normally, they aren't that big. Maybe large about the size of a bus at most but not enormously massive like godzilla. I'm not sure if you ever even thought that but just to through it out there. ^-^ That is what I know about dragons, and if you prove it to be wrong... do forgive me for being out of line.

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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 8
Sorry for the double post but...

Well said Morion. Yes, dragons have the potential to make it rain lolly pops with a snap of the claws but aren't born with it (usually)...
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 9
I had a hard time to choose section and I would gladly see it moved to Advertisements.

But in that case I want to apologize for the trouble. :/
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Re: Draconica Recruits
Post # 10
Sorry for the double post, but need to expand my latest relply and since there are no edit button...

There are many sources telling different things.

My view on dragons is a mix of both the western and eastern.

I believe dragons are powerful, magical beings (maybe not the most powerful, but still, powerful) and are very wise and intelligent.

The dragons are my source of inspiration, although many myths display them as monsters.
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