The Path Of The Shaman

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The Path Of The Shaman
Post # 1
If you are interested in Shamanism, then come join us at The Path Of The Shaman.

# Shamans are individuals with the ability to heal, work with earth energies and 'see' visions.

# A Shaman can be, but are not always, a Medicine Man or Medicine Woman. There are also those who practice Shamanism pulling their power from the dark side called, among other things Diablero, brujo, and sorcerer.

# The essential characteristics of Shamans are mastery of energy and fire as a medium of transformation.

# A Shaman may exhibit or concentrate on a particular specialty - such as control over fire, wind, magical flight, shape shifting, or Divination using stones, bones and other items --- usually used in conjuction with a Shaman's Circle.

We are a very open and a friendly coven who gladly welcome others as an important part of the coven. We try to provide a safe, family oriented, positive atmosphere where you can feel free to share and express your thoughts and ideas in a open positive environment.

In this coven, we also teach some herbalism, meditations, grounding, divination, tarot readings, crystals and more. With hands on learning everyone is welcome to teach what they know.

If you want to join, then please do not hesitate to contact either the priest or priestess with any questions you wish to ask.

For more information about our coven, please read our main coven page.

Thank you and Blessed Be!

High Priestess Leviathan


High Priest Saintdave
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Re: The Path Of The Shaman
Post # 2
Reminder to all our coven members

- Phoenix68k = Saintdave

- I want all the members to switch their chatter to full screen so that you become aware of what is happening in the coven chat. I have noticed that about only 10% of you pay attention to the chatter.

- Those who are still muted in the coven chat will receive warnings unless their reasons are stated( If you are at work Or Super Busy...)

- We'll be having weekly meetings in the coven chat to discuss about important matters. So, please put in your timezone in the timezone topic (GMT+4, GMT+5. GMT+6..)

- Please Use the "Your ideas" topic to post in what do you want to learn or what do you want to add to the coven.

Thanks for your kind attention and blessed be! ^_^

High Priestess Leviathan


High Priest Phoenix68k
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Re: The Path Of The Shaman
Post # 3
This week's topic will be on healing. Feel free to contribute.

26th July - 2 August --> Healing
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