Year and A Day?

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Forums -> General Info -> Year and A Day?

Year and A Day?
Post # 1
Can anybody please completely inform me about the year and day thing, because i have absolutely no clue what it is or how to do it or anything of the sort. It'd really help me a lot. Thank You
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 2
Year and Day is exactly's one year and one day of study of the magical path. It's the time where you dedicate your self to studying the basics. There are books out there to help you with this like the book by Timothy Roderick Witches Study a Year and Day
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 3
I still don't understand this either.
Of course it's not hard to understand what a year and a day is,
but different people learn at different paces
and you can only learn so much before getting frustrated
trying to find more information while no more exists.
Some people can learn all there is to know about the basics
thus do not require the year and a day.

I'm leaning towards thinking this is a test of sorts.
Something to filter the un-dedicated wannabes
from the over-dedicated fanatics.
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 4
You're right, partly. The year and a day is partly to weed out the people who think that they can study for a week or so, then abracadabra, they are a Witch. Witchcraft is hard work and lots of study and practice. A teacher has only so much time and energy to give to her/his students and cannot afford to waste it on a less than dedicated student. Don't be surprised when it seems the teacher you find appears to be discouraging you or even trying to scare you off.
There are those who are ready for initiation sooner then a year and a day, but the key word here, is dedication. Oh, and one more thing, the hard work, study and practice DOESN'T end with intiation. It's a life long committment. I've been a Witch for many, many years and I'm still studying.
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 5
I figured it was something like that.
I still disagree with it though.
I mean, obviously we should study for that long,
we should spend as much time studying as we can spare,
but I don't think that long is required
for someone to know what he/she is talking about.
They will reach that point eventually if they are dedicated enough,
and if they are not then it may be obvious
that he/she does not know what he/she is talking about.

Just my opinion anyways.
I just don't think "study for a year and a day"
should be the answer that some people give
to people who ask certain questions.
For example when a newb asks how to open the third eye,
the answer is meditation,
not a year and a day of study.
That implies that exactly after one year and one day
your third eye will just pop open.
And then a year and a day later we still have a less ignorant newb
complaining about how his/her third eye is still closed.

Ignore this if you will,
I'm just ranting to relieve some stress. :)
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 6
Once again, you are exactly right. When someone asks a serious specific question, they should recieve a serious and specific answer. And as I said, a DEDICATED student can learn enough to be initiated much sooner. In my role as teacher, I have had quite a few who did so. Incidentally, you don't have to become a Dedicant or be initiated to work Magick, or to be a "real" Witch. All it really takes is study and training of your Will.
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 7
Then you teach properly.
What really gets me is the people who change "study" with "wait"
saying, "just wait one year and one day."
No real explanation there.

Since I said all that I can say beneficially to this thread,
I think I'm just going to leave it be now.
Otherwise I may continue ranting.
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 8
play with a ouija board and call the strongest spirits,ghosts, poltergeists, demons, angels, and djinns. see if you can hold as many as you can inside you if you have the potential keep them under control... if you can't well your out of luck it is very fun... for the weak don't spill your blood on the ouija board.

P.S. making your own has more potential and for the weak, really dont mess with the ouija board bad result can happen and has before and will in the future.
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 9
Year and a day shouldn't be a matter of waiting. Practicing means exactly that. You are learning the skills you will need to become a Witch and that means working Magick, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." applies here, lol. In other words, practice! practice! practice!
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Re: Year and A Day?
Post # 10
Its the same as Handfasting. Its a test of commitment before you decide if you are committed to what you think you love or worship.
They say be handfasted for a year and a day before making your marriage official.
Magick is a lifetime commitment, if you feel the passion then that year and a day will fly by!
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