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Thought you should know
Post # 1
I found this in one of the books I am reading and it hit me, I learned a lot from the first few pages and thought that I should share a small part of it.

"The casting of spells involves working with powerful (and
often dangerous) magickal energies and is by no means something
that should be undertaken by an untrained novice.
Whenever working with energies, you should always take care
to protect yourself the best you can through the use of magick
circles, amulets, talismans, and so forth. You should also be
warned that, despite your magickal knowledge and your best
efforts, the possibility of any kind of a spell backfiring always
exists. This is not an uncommon thing to have happen, and
many of the practitioners that I know, including myself, have
experienced it at least once. It has nothing to do with karma,
displeased gods, or Gerald Gardner?s threefold law, despite
what some people choose, or are led, to believe. It has everything to do with the instability of magickal energy and/or a
practitioner?s incorrect application of it."

A lot of people on here mostly think the main reason why a spell backfires is because of the threefold law, well that might be the case but if you look deeper into the matter then you will find out the real reason.

*book: Herbal Magick a witchs guide to herbal enchantment folklore and divina*
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Re: Thought you should know
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
it makes sense
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Re: Thought you should know
Post # 3
I was thinking a bit about this earlier - usually you tie yourself emotionally to some type of spell when you're casting it, right? Like if you cast an *ow* spell onto someone else, most people will have the mentality "oh my god please don't let this come back to me", or something...not even something like that - just anything that would attach the user to the receiving end of his or her spell.
It must be difficult to remove your emotion from a spell because you have enough invested interest to try it...but that's what I *think* you have to do to get it to work right. If you throw in your emotion to it, you're not letting the spell do it's thing - you're tainting it with something that it's not supposed to have in the first place.

idk, maybe -_-' i don't know much about this stuff yet XD
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