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totem animals
Post # 1
ok well i jut found out yesterday my totum animal is a bear. and my friend found out hers was a wolf and shes been doing witchcraft for like 1 week. nut i wanted to know can anyone actualy see theres as she can. but i cant.if you can then plz explain how:)
oh and we found our totum animals by a method we found in a book where you imagin yourself in a garden and there is a fountin you then walk up to thefountin and look in and you will see your totum animal. but ushaly no one else can come to your garden but she see a load of people then only one guy so when she looked in the water a red and yellow bird cam out the water and so did her totem animal then the animals had a fight and the bird flew over to the man and he said " you have a lot of training to do"
so im asking is this normal ect if so what does it mean
sorry to be so annoying i just wanted to ask
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Re: totem animals
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
sounds like the man she saw was her spirit guide, the method is correct, try googleing the symbolic meaning for the bird, also make lots of notes on everything u see as they all have there own meanings
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Re: totem animals
Post # 3
ok but is it normal to see the totem animal
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Re: totem animals
Post # 4
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Re: totem animals
Post # 5
cool but why cant i see myn
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Re: totem animals
Post # 6
Your personal totem(s) will probably find you. You may
seek a totem, but it is up to the individual totem
spirit to let you know that he or she has adopted you.
You need to keep in contact with your own personal
totem spirits through meditation and ceremony. It
helps, too, to maintain that contact by honouring your
personal totem by keeping photographs or drawings
around you. Maybe you may come across a claw or a
feather... obviously in Australia it may be difficult
to find bear or buffalo fur, but as we are in
Australia, dont be surprised either if your totem
turns out to be one of our own native animals. A
kangaroo or wombat.. even a kookaburra can be a most
valid totem for you.

Go to your place of meditation. If possible a natural,
outside place where you feel close to nature. Once you
are settled and relaxed, simply let yourself be! You
may like to use a chant (youll find the basis in your
MEDICINEPATH handouts... "Prayer to Grandmother
Earth"). On the repeating "chorus", use words such as:

"Come, Totem,
Come from the world beyond.
Come and reach to me
Come and teach me."
(If you are trying to contact a particular totem, use
its name, instead of just "totem".)

On calling your totem, be attentive to your feelings,
trusting your intuition. You may not "see" your
totem.. it may simply be a sensation, a glimpse, or a

Once you have "identified" your totem, call it closer,
and closer. Closer still, so that you feel you are
merging with it... becoming it. Become the animal, or
bird, or plant. Make the noises and movements of your
totem. Perceive the physical world through the eyes of
your totem, with your totems senses.
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