a push to love???

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> a push to love???

a push to love???
Post # 1
i know everyone can love. some have been hurt by love and doesn't seem to be able to love again. yet they still can.

my question does not deal with a person wanting to love and can not. its more about how they can feel it, with magic. i need to find a spell that involves more of how i love and giving to another, some aspects of that. so they can feel it and know its love. im not wanting the person to be forced to love. maybe if they feel how i feel love... maybe they can become something more unique and not so pessimistic about love.

i hope someone can help me with this. ive tried everything else, on a normal being aspect. magic is something that might work better. i just have no clue where to start and how.
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 2
show the person trow action how much you love them
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 3
tried all that...
from giving from the heart, to unconditional love, to making the person feel good about their self.

everything i could think of in the physical state, ive done. plus over and over.
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 4
i'll even say this.

He is going to be a 26 year old, with 5 kids. 4 of them with his ex wife. 1 with the ex girlfriend. he married around 18, to someone who he thought was his love for life. later he finds out that she cheated. he has said that he gave all his love to her and can't love again. his mother that he was very close to died probably before he turned 20. then a few years later the ex wife filled for the divorce. after that came into the picture, the ex girlfriend. soon known to be the psychotic ex (that should be self explanatory). a year or so after that, i came into the picture.

he was my first boyfriend. he got so spoiled by me, as a girlfriend. lets just say, after 6th months down the road was his birthday. nobody celebrated his birthday. im so good at presents, its a hotel room with a hot tub (got a discount too, the desk clerk was a guy. he knew what was up). i made him heart cupcakes, got take out, beer for him and vodka for me, peppermints on the floor, and me in a nurse costume. thats a level 3 present. level 1 being just a gift and 2, going out.

so he got a lot of gifts from me and so did his kids. he got attention (think about everything) when he needed and when he needed space, he got that too.

i really didn't cause any drama with the ex's. i may have done some gestures... wearing his boxers on xmas when the ex girlfriend came by unexpected. yet did not say a word to them.

now when it came to my family... asked him a lot to meet them (besides from the immediate family), if he didn't want to come to a family function, ok. i'll meet up with him later.

oh, for him. drama with the ex girlfriend and her being close with THE FATHER. the ex girlfriend at the house, talking with the father. he didn't want to go back home. we took a ride through a few cities. went to barnes and noble, then i bought a motel room. if he didn't want to go home. we can find another place. mine, he couldn't spend the night at.

what else can there be?

i even moved out to iowa, to work on our relationship. yet came back to cali, single.

we are separated right now. yet both of us really can't live without each other. no matter how many girls he can screw with in iowa, im always the one he really wants. all those girls in iowa, he does not care about. he is a guy and he has his needs, i know that.

our relationship did not work because he could not show me the love i wanted. there was way too much (ex) drama in his life, plus he choose the wrong friends and they cause drama. my family caused drama too. yet stopped when i moved out to iowa. rumors always spread around about him.

if all the drama stuff was not around us, he might have been able to focus. he thinks that anyone around him, he causes pain and hurt. yes, he is a bad boy, yet not really that bad. never hurt me physically. did lie to me, a lot and didn't give me enough attention a fiance should have.

i still don't know what love is from a guy. i know he has it in him. some of our most spontaneous moments, he showed it. in his way. it really doesn't last long. cuz when we are happy as a couple, soon enough, something bad comes our way.

i really don't know any other way to show him love cuz i know he has to want it bad enough, to try very hard to keep it. magic might help...
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 5
Magic won't last for long. Magic can only blinds the heart, the mind, and the senses, but sooner or later it will fade away, and you'll be left heartbreak. You should try confronting him once more, and if it doesn't work, then I'm sorry but the fates are cruel.
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 6
yeah, im going to. whenever he decides to come out here to cali. if he does not want me and i can't see it, its basically coming down to a ultimatum. either he is my life or not.

if he does not want to be in my life, then i will have to do that spell to move on. cuz its been really hard to move on when i know he still cares and loves somewhat.

when i did sent my final letter to get everything off my chest, so to speak. i had to say everything i didn't when we were together, in the letter. i didn't expect him to call me. cuz i suspended his phone when i didn't hear from him in weeks and did not get any money for the phone. i went for almost 2 months, with out talking to him.

as of today. if he can not answer a simple question that i ask him, i have no need to talk to him now. i told him that he had to earn my trust back. yet, he keeps everything about him guarded? im getting tired of this flippin connection that we have. i can not break it. he can not break it. when the time comes, im going to have to make the decision, i know it.
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Re: a push to love???
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Are you sure you want someone with that much baggage?
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 8
It was never about baggage. Baggage can be dealt with but only when... lets just say 2 can deal with it.
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 9
sweety if you did all that for him and he still do want you its his lose
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Re: a push to love???
Post # 10
Stop with the guilt and go for what you want. Black magic gets results do you really want it or just think you want it? People
stop qualifying your wants to other peoples approval of good and
bad. If you use magic any kind of magic you are expressing you will
so stop beating yourself up about it. I want what I want and I will
do all that is necessary to achieve and when I set my will I don't
what other people think, because I refuse to be limited other peoples values of "right" and "wrong"!!! Go for what you want...
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