A real question on power

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A real question on power
Post # 1
So, I am just getting to know the whole world of magic for past few months. I have a friend who has been into it for years. She claims to be part demon even. I believe her on a lot of things. However she has been telling me from the beginning, that I have no power or Magic in me and that being able to perform any feat would be very hard for me. However, I am finding everything is coming rather easily. I mean, just last night, I made my first visible psi ball. Her first thing when I told her all excited was that I was lying. That I couldn't possibly achieve that because I have almost no magic in me. Is that true? Am I dellisional? Or is all of this possible for me to do?
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Re: A real question on po
Post # 2
magic is possible for anyone to do, and a psi ball is not really what you could call an elemental power but pure energy that you create and use. there is no such thing as to have no power or magic. everyone has it but you have to belive in yourself to make it work. if you doubt its existence or don`t think that it will not work then it will affect the outcome of your energy.

but you are perfectly capable to do magic, tell your friend that she is the one who is wrong at this.
and good luck with further achivements.
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 3
Theres something wrong with your friend -.- everyone has magick inside them!! if she she would say you have no chakra then that is stupid. I mean, chakra is made out of physical and mental energy, right? You would be dead if you had no chakra!!!!
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 4
Youf friend said she'a a half demon... half demons don't exist so that makes her a liar.
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 5
they do but it usually occurs through a possesion and if exorcism cant be preformed then it is sealed. being a half demon is nothing to want or even joke about. it ruins your life.
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 6
You can'a actually call possessed people half demons. In case of possession demon and that person share the body, they aren't a mix.
I say tomato and you also say tomato haha.

Anyhow the lesson is:
kids, less anime and more common sense please.
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 7
1. People that don't know what the hell they're talking about, please do not mislead others with your uncertain knowledge. Demonic possessions, as we know it, is very real, and happens to fall under another name. I don't care about you thinking I'm some kid, I am not concerned with kids pointing fingers saying they are right. Demons are like angels, I don't care what you believe them to be, but here's my definition, once again, I don't really give a flipping crap about you believing me or not.
Angels are beings of light.
Demons are beings of darkness.
Without darkness there can be no light, it is a balance.
Darkness doesn't mean evil, otherwise it's a bit like saying black people are faggots while white people are awesome. Which is completely racist, and unacceptable.
2. Your friend is just high on ego, everyone has the potential to grow, your friend is just in disbelief because he or she has spent years to do what you have just done. We are all human physically, we have flaws, from these flaws we learn, and from learning we grow, it is time you help your friend to rid themselves of ego. I would've expected better from your friend, or perhaps they have been influenced by people that don't know what the hell they're talking about.

I leave you some websites to help you. Everyone has chakras, they are all spinning, at different rates, if they didn't spin, you wouldn't be alive..
Sitting out in nature (park, forest is hard to get to, anywhere with trees, anywhere where you feel comfortable) is also good, it calms the mind, and without all those technological influences around you.
Now I give you this, you don't really need mundras and chants to help you "open" or spin your chakras faster, all they do is help you focus.
For those who are still deluded thinking demons are nasty
To all who think I'm childish, look at yourselves arguing, perhaps you should HELP instead of argue who is right who is wrong, and just give your opinions with evidence rather than 1-sentenced words. Now I know my version of angels and demons may seem non-evidenced, but hey, I don't care if you think I'm a kid, simply because I will not be concerned with what you think.
Hope you still have the will to learn, Quicklearner, do not care about what other people say, you should be concerned about yourself rather than what other people say, they are Insignificant.
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Re: A real question on power
Post # 8
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