A ghost trying to contact

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A ghost trying to contact
Post # 1

Okay so I have just woken up from this dream.I was in a big house, and I was in the laundry room.I kept hearing something moving from north so I went to check out what it was.When I was there I found out nothing was there.Then suddenly I heard a little girls voice it was soft and sweet probably she was age 4 or 5. She said "Hi" in the more shy voice. I turned around behind me but no one was there. So I just and a sense that it was a ghost. I felt calm and answered back to her in a nice voice "Hi" and then smiled at her even though I knew I couldn't see her. Then we started talking a little. She told me that she only likes eating candy on Mondays(which was odd)so I asked her "why?" and she told me that it's because it the only makes her happy on those days and when she tried to eat candy on a Saturday she still felt mad. I sat down in a chair still calm and told her my name. " Well my name is Jenny what's yours." but it was complete silence. Then I was so eager to know how she died and how I can help. I asked her " Can you tell me how you died?" and I thought I heard her say in a whispering voice. "I don't know, I don't want you to tell." I replied back, "It's okay I won't tell anyone." she said "do you pinky swear?" and I said "I pinky swear." just about she was going to tell me... I woke up... I felt dizzy but this repeated name "Julie" was in my head. So maybe that may be her name?
Anyways the dream was really calm and it felt .... too real...So I was wondering if Julie the spirit trying to contact me? If so why? I've never been contacted by a ghost before... or at least I think I haven't. This wasn't any ordinary dream I have this one felt too real. I also check the g section on dreams I found ghost and it said:* Someone you knew (or wish you'd known) in real life who is now dead.
I want to find out more, please anyone who knows more about this stuff please reply?

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Re: A ghost trying to contact
Post # 2
there are many possibilities. Keep trying to contact her. if you know how to properly do it, I suggest using a spirit board or a pendulum. You could also try and sleep she will probebly try to contact you again. just be patient and listen to her. She wants your help crossing over... Good luck
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Re: A ghost trying to con
Post # 3
if it felt vivid and real...than it was an OBE and not a dream...while in OBE you should see and hear other spiritual beings
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Re: A ghost trying to contact
Post # 4
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Re: A ghost trying to con
Post # 5
Out of Body can walk around the world with part of your soul...or may it be...your soul..we actually do it every night when we go to sleep..which explains your experience..but we are most likely to forget it or misunderstand it for dream(in your case) seems more vivid than normal dream..but it can be clear as the real eye sight..OBE considers walking in real-time world(our material plane)...but you can go to Astral Realm...with your astral body...which is not the body(part of soul) you use in OBE..its a bit deferent.Projecting into Astral plane is called Astral projection...find some articles about it if u are interested further...or even some books...
Astral plane is deferent dimension from ours...
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