i want a familiar

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Forums -> General Info -> i want a familiar

i want a familiar
Post # 1
is there a spell for one? i want a familiar really bad.
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Re: i want a familiar
Post # 2
No. Sometimes you can just feel that you have a familiar. You can't just get one. It's like saying you want love, but you aren't doing something productive to make that happen. I'm not saying that I don't believe in spells, it's just that, you can't always use them to get what you want.
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Re: i want a familiar
Post # 3
well a familiar is just your spirit in a external form. To accualy see and meet it you must mediate on that animal every day. you should instinctivly know your animal, eventualy you will start to see it more, you might start to be followed by one, like a stray dog, or a bird in the sky, your animal will know your looking for it and it will come to you.
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Re: i want a familiar
Post # 4
well you can find out your animal familiar or you can go with your guardian angel familiar, or you can go with your spirit guide familiar (there are others), so take your pick.

To speak to any familiar however you need to be tuned to nature and the balance of the world...dont worry this can be done through meditation.

Now once you get the tuning down and your good, cleanse yourself, and then from there you can call out whichever familiar your looking for.

for animal familiar you :

put out an offering of white wine, water, and apples. why these?
because water is a source of an animal's life (therefore it attracts your familiar), wine because its very formal and shows respect (infact you do this when calling a spirit of the dead aswell), and apples because they are spiritually powerful. Aswell you chose what you want your familiar to be, so put out an item that reminds you of them (collar, peice of meat, catnip, etc.)

Then meditate and look deep within yourself and call out your familiar from wherever they are, they will either heed your call and appear before you and speak to you or just speak to you in your mind, but if you dont put enough into the spell or your not intuned nothing will happen because your familiar will ignore you.

Then respectfully converce with your familiar. By the way your familiar isnt chosen by you, IT CHOOSES YOU SO BE NICE OR IT WILL LEAVE.

Then later on once you two are tightly bonded psychicly concentrate the two of you with frankensence (just like what was given to jesus) and there you go.


you can call them out yourself in your sleep just by dreamwalking. They are always watching over you, especially in your dreams so take over your dream and call them out and if they dont come then look for them.

They can sometimes be very shy around you and will hide from you either from a fearful curiosity or because they dont want you to find them. So have fun there, guardian angels are the harder ones to familiar yourself with because they are hard to meet.


okay now this one i would tell you not to go for... there are only two ways i know of calling this one out... you either go out into the winderness and starve yourself half to death until you have your spiritual guide come out and heal you (and if your not ready they wont come out and you die, this is an old native practice) or you can go with deep meditation for about a week because you must show your dedication to them before they come out, i say seven days because i had a friend who wanted to meet his spirit guide so that he could ask about his fiance. He meditated 5 hours a day for 7 days before his guide came, the eagle told him his fiance was unfaithful and a liar... My buddy did a check on her... she was pregnant from an ex-boyfriend of hers and that was why the wedding was pushed up...

So ya each method is a gauranteed method, so ya have fun... and be nice they all demand respect and dont forget to set up offerings to appease them.
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Re: i want a familiar
Post # 5
just make one here ceck this out
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