Weight Loss Spell?

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Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 1
I know this may seem abseloutely obsurd and i know the majority will come out with a comment like "tell her to go on a diet" but its worth a try.

My Cousin has always had an issue with her weight, she is not obese or even close to that, she just has a belly on her which hasnt gone since giving birth 6 years ago. She has tried every diet concievable but with no avail.

She has asked me to ask people on here if there is some kind of spell either she or i can cast for her that will help her in her weight loss. Like i said before, i know it sounds obsurd but she is desperate to have a nice body and through all the failed diets she has tried, her confidence is dwindlling rapidly.

Can anyone help?
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Re: Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 2
Diet is never enough, one has to combine diet and exercises. Spell will probably only increase the will of the person to maintain the mental state to get thin.
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Re: Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 3
diet-exercise...and a little study about human body...there is various books about that topic...
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Re: Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 4
there ARE weight loss spells and they are on this site i will get back to you with one k?
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Re: Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 5
They do work. I've done one and lost ten pounds.
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Re: Weight Loss Spell?
Post # 6
I will share a newsletter with all of you.
Amethyst: To help break bad eating habits, and to curb unhealthy cravings
Moonstone (for women): Keep moonstone with you during your moon cycle to help curb those unwanted cravings for sweets and carbohydrates; moonstone will also help balance your hormones and mitigate emotional sensitivity
Red or Gold Tiger's Eye: To boost confidence and physical endurance
Lapis Lazuli : To dispel negative thinking, and to raise self-awareness

Crystal Journey? candles : Motivation, Good Health, Courage, Confidence, and Joy are all great votive blends to try; burn them whenever you need a boost
Green & Gold candles : Burning a green & gold candle together will aid in summoning Archangel Raphael (the divine healer); call on Raphael whenever you feel like giving up or reverting to unhealthy ways

Patchouli: To boost energy and motivation; and to attract healthy relationships
Lavender: For stress-relief, appetite control; and to dispel negative influences
Sage: To manifest desires, and to instill confidence and courage

Helpful hints:

-Stones may be kept in the pocket and used as a rubbing stone, or placed around the home to enhance your environment

-Oils may be worn on the body or burned in an oil diffuser

-Anoint your stones: place 1 drop of of the 3 oils listed in the palm of each hand and lightly rub together, place all of your weight-loss stones in your hands and rub with oil residue until the palms of your hands are nice and hot, say out loud the goals you wish to achieve, place the stones in your pocket or environment
Above all, remember to enjoy your quest, and do not forget to praise yourself for sticking to your weight-loss program.

BY ANGELA from Earthlore (the store where I shop.. hahaha)

I hope this helps.
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