Love and Hate

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Love and Hate
Post # 1
Hey I'm new here, and so I've probably overlooked something - I'm terrible for doing that lol, but when I was looking at the spell collection, I just wondered, does it say anywhere about the potential consequences of using spells such as love spells and curses?

I know that not everybody believes in the what goes around comes around thing, but just in case - shouldnt it be mentioned. For instance, love spells can potentially make people act against their will, and can be binding, also more often than not, the relationship can suffer if its only magic and not genuine love thats keeping it together.

Also supposedly if you cast curses, there is said to be a risk of negative consequences coming back to you, even if takes years.

However on the other hand, different people believe different things. And there might not be any consequences, its just that, just in case shouldnt there be a warning/ notice somewhere? Because although the majority who cast spells, do so with maturity, there will always be the kids who think that magic means something like out of Harry Potter.

There probably is a notice somewhere on here saying that spells might have consequences so proceed at your own risk, because like I said I can be terrible at over looking things. But if there isnt, it might come in handy?
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Re: Love and Hate
By: / Adept
Post # 2
There is at least one thread on that very topic on my coven's forum, Practical Witches. One is called the Ethics of Love Spells. It might be a page or two back, but it's there and a lot of good opinions are expressed there. Worth a read in my opinion.
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Re: Love and Hate
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Remember this site as a disclaimer that it is for entertainment. It is located at the bottom of every page.
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Re: Love and Hate
Post # 4
Cool, sounds interesting, I'll have a look at it. And what do you mean about it being for entertainment? SorrY Im just easily confused lol, so I dont quite understand what you mean.
Oh and btw, thankyou both for replying to the thread :)
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Re: Love and Hate
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
This site is for entertainment, that means it is not to be taken totally seriously and you may or may not get any results.
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