Seeig things O.o

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Seeig things O.o
Post # 1
Sometimes, I see things that aren't meant to be there. It scares me. Sometimes everything just looks demented and then fades before my eyes. I can sense dark auras, too. There are these horrible creatures, appearing in my dreams, night after night. My parents don't believe me, though. They've gotten me counciling and everything. They just don't understand what I'm going through! I don't know what to do or who to turn to.
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Re: Seeig things O.o
Post # 2
maybee you had some evil ancestors or something and you inherited their bad karma? idk, try burning some sage, and doing a good luck and good dream spell! :) try seeing peoples good aura's too! And try killing the horrible creatures in your dreams, mabee banishing them? i dont know, sorry
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Re: Seeig things O.o
Post # 3
if you cannot banish them or kill them in your dreams, try to find a way to talk to them. some only look horrible but i know from my own experience that they can be very understanding to you, if you talk with them.
when it comes to dark aura`s, it could be that you in your subconscious think that they are dark and this will affect your vision. but if they really are dark aura`s you could try to make a shield around yourself to repel evil.
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Re: Seeig things O.o
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I would say If we exclude health problems , that leaves us with clairvoyance and mediums abilities .
Thus you are probably able to see various thoughtforms .

I hope this helps , at least a bit .
And a piece of advice , The strongest wepon against thretening entities is temprance .

Blessed be!
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Re: Seeig things O.o
Post # 5
Burn some sage in your room and place some lavender under your pillow to prevent the nightmares. If you're allergic, try dill, or chammomile flowers, or chammomile.
As for the things you see, you either have schizophrenia, or you're seeing these things because your third eye chakra is open.
If you want to close it slightly, picture an eye in the area between your eyebrows closing, or develop your own mmethod of the closing visualization. If you wish to open it again, just imagine it opening. It is a bit of a gift though, and a talent, consider your decisions carefully. But, I would still suggest the sage and pillow activities, to help you sleep more peacefully.
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