need help to reunite luv

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need help to reunite luv
Post # 1
Can you help me with a spell to reunite with the father of my child. We broke up when i was 3 months pregnant. He has never seen our child but supports the baby financially. our child is now 11 months and he says he is not ready to see us.I miss him so bad he has now stopped calling as we end up screaming and fight over the phone. I honestly don't know what caused him so much heartred towards me and our beautiful baby.
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Re: need help to reunite luv
Post # 2
Well you refer to this man as "the father of my child"and that is a big clue that their were/are relationship issues. This man is at least supporting his child and that is more than some ever get. What do you scream about? Is it issues truly about your child or more the issue that you want this man to come back to you and as he has not, even with the child there, it makes you upset. There are several questions that need to be answered in this situation and the first and foremost is what was the state of your relationship with your child's father when you got pregnant with the child? I would say that you like others before you had the child in hopes of keeping the man....Has your child's father moved on in his life? Is he seeing someone else? You say...."I miss him so bad" but the child misses nothing as there is no relationship or bond between the father and child. You should be asking that be done more than having the childs father reunite with you and your child as he was obviously never united to begin with or the child would not be 11 months old and he has no relationship with the child except for a financial one. It is not a spell you need but rather the emotional maturity to realize that your child is what needs to come first today and everyday and if the childs father chooses not to physically be in the childs life there is nothing you can do. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positive of a beautiful child who loves and needs you and deserves your full attention.
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