Elements or Spirit

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Elements or Spirit
Post # 1
ok im not sure exactly what i did but i was sitting with one of my friends who fell asleep and my head started to hurt and when i reached out to touch her there was like this spark and i felt like heat slide from her to me and it kind of scared me so i let go but when i looked at her she was really pale and sort of bluish and i had a redish tint. when i touched her again she was really cold and i was sweating a bit....

i would like to know what i did that way i can study it a bit more

also once when i had the flu i sat down on my floor and just imagined a combo of earth fire and water wrapped around me and sat that way for a while and sort of felt this tingling all over and then i opend my eyes and i felt alot better

if anyone can help me with that i would be exreamly happy, thanks

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Re: Elements or Spirit
Post # 2
That happened to me also. I was cold and so I imagined this fire type energy and let it rap around me and run through me and I got warmer.

I also was coughing so I imagined water energy running through my throat, because it has healing energies in it. Then I imagined fire energy using healing flame in it. Then I used earth energy and imagined a flower growing and blooming and it was a healling herb. Then I used wind energy and imagined it directing the air flow smoothly through my throat. I stopped coughing for a while, until I used the elemental energies again.

Maybe we can figure it out together.
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Re: Elements or Spirit
Post # 3
thx sure lets figure it out together add me as a friend and messege me and we will talk!
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Re: Elements or Spirit
Post # 4
For the first thing mentioned,
I have no idea.
Sounds like static and something else to me.

For the second thing mentioned,
that is a form of meditation,
I think.
May have also been a bit of energy manipulation.
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