Need help. Spirit thing?

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Need help. Spirit thing?
Post # 1
I heard something yesterday in my parents room. It sounded like some sort of fighting in a different language, and then 2 people running through the house. Then I heard something out side, and it sounded like fist fighting. I looked and I didn't see anything at all. Could this be a spirit or a ghost. Or am I just schizo. Oh, yeah. My mom was in the living room, but she didn't hear anything. Please help.
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Re: Need help. Spirit thing?
Post # 2
It is possible that you heard Ghosts,
I doubt that would be a Spirit though.
The house you are in,
was it owned before you moved in?

Also, I did some research on schizophrenia a while back.
It rarely develops in people under twenty years or so old.
It's more common in elderly,
less common in young.
So I don't think you need to worry about that.

It is possible, however,
that you are malnourished or were very exhausted at the time,
both of which can lead to delusions.
This is, of course,
assuming that there really wasn't anything there.

I would suggest Rag's Cure-"Most"(lol)
Sage to repel negativity,
sweet grass to attract positivity,
it works.
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Re: Need help. Spirit thing?
Post # 3
lol. That is what I would recommend, smudging could help and it shouldn't hurt anything even if it doesn't. Eating three healthy meals a day and drinking plenty of water is also advisable, although not doing so may not be the cause of the problem. It's just a possible one.

Here's a thread to help with smudging:
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Re: Need help. Spirit thing?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i agree with the other two guys. but if it is ghosts, it would occure a little more, and if it does, check out if there's a pattern, like you'll hear/see them after eating/not eating something or watching a movie/show. you could always try if it keeps up, ouija board or a type of summoning spell, but be very careful cuz they're is a good chance they'd harm you if you say you heard them fighting.
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